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Boston, MA - The MIT Juggle Club,  Arthur Lewbel.


Buffalo, NY - The Buffalo Juggling Club, Rich Chamberlin.


Burlington, VT - Henry Lappen.


Durham, NH - The U.N.H. Mark Neisser.


Erie, PA - Bill Dietrich.


Hookset, NH - The New Hampshire Juggling Club.


Johnstown, PA - Dick Lorditch.


New York, NY - The Flying Debris Juggling Club - Steve Schneider.


Rochester, NY - The Rochester Juggling Club - Greg Moss.


State College, PA - The Penn State Juggling Club - Jim Lord or Steve Nadouch.




Atlanta, GA - Atlanta Jugglers Association - Toni Shifalo.


Baltimore, MD - The Baltimore Jugglers Association - Janet Sanford.


Charlotte, NC - The Charlotte Jugglers Association - Bob Giduz.


Charlottesville, VA - The Apples and Bananas Juggling Club - Michael Parent  or Larry Goldstein.


Davidson, NC - Bill Giduz.


Tampa Bay, FL - Ed Kosco.


Washington, DC - Shelly Harris.




Chicago, IL - The Chicago Society of Juggling - Mike Vondruska.


Cleveland, OH - The Case Western Reserve University.


Columbia, MO - The Y's Jugglers.


East Lansing, MI - The M.S.U. jugglers - Daniel Sadoff.


Evanston, IL - Jack Snarr.


Fort Wayne, IN -Jugglers Anonymous - Charlie Willer or Bob Waugh.


Houston, TX - The Houston Jugglers Association  - Jay Herson.


Lincoln, NE - The Lincoln Jugglers - Jim or Dennis.


Lexington, KY - Steve Roenker or Jean St. John.


Madison, WI - Just whistle!


Minneapolis, MN - John Linn.


Minneapolis, MN - The U. of M. Juggling Club - Dan Westacott.


Plymouth, IN - The Notre Dame Juggling Club - AI Eisenhour or Bob Rice.


St. Louis, MO - Kent Bagnall.


St, Cloud, MN - St. Cloud State U. juggling club - Phil Moen.

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