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Y'all come juggle!

SPONSORS: The 1985 convention is co-hosted by the Atlanta Jugglers Association and International Jugglers Association. On site convention coordinators are Rodger French and Toni ShifaIo. Write them at Decatur, Georgia.


FOOD: Although there are fine restaurants and groceries immediately surrounding the Emory campus, we recommend the meal plan available on campus at Cox Hall because of the high quality and variety of food available, including salad and potato bars, hot meat and vegetarian entrees, Mexican buffet, delicatessen and snack bar.


HOUSING: There are a limited number of air conditioned spaces which will be assigned on a first-come basis: 198 single rooms (two rooms share one bathroom) and 21 double rooms. These air conditioned spaces are furthest from the gym, about a ten-minute walk away. The closer, non-air conditioned rooms are double occupancy.


There are several motels in the area: Sheraton-Emory Inn is arranging special rates for conventioneers. Others nearby are: Emory Pines  and University Inn.

Camping is not allowed within Dekalb County, nor on the Emory campus. The nearest campgrounds are located at Stone Mountain National Park approximately 12 miles away.


FLY DELTA AND SAVE! Delta Airlines is offering at least a 35 percent discount off day coach fares for members flying to the Atlanta convention. Go through your travel agent or dial Delta direct. Ask for the IJA convention package, number U-0132.


AIRPORT SHUTTLE: If enough people indicate a desire for shuttle service, a low-cost van service may be set up at designated hours from the airport to campus. Otherwise, public transport is available from the airport downtown, and from downtown to the campus.


DAILY ADMISSION: The daily fee includes access to Emory's world-class natatorium.


CHAMPIONSHIPS: The Numbers Challenge will be held in the gym, and joggling races on the adjacent track. The Juniors Championship will be held in nearby Druid Hills High School, with auditorium seating limited to 450 persons (first-come, first-served). The U.S. Nationals and Teams Championships will be in Atlanta's Symphony Hall. Free transportation from the campus will be provided.


Juniors and Teams events are limited to 20 competitors on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a qualifying round for the U.S. Nationals to choose finalists to compete in that event. There is no ceiling on the number of competitors in joggling or the Numbers Challenge. Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in all events, and there will be cash awards to the top three finishers in the U.S. Nationals.

Registration for U.S. Nationals is $10, and $5 for all . other events. Registrations must be postmarked between May 1 and June 15. For a complete set of rules and qualifications, write to Holly Greeley, IJA championships director, Amherst, Massachusetts.


PUBLIC SHOW: The Public Show will be produced and M.C.'d by Rodger French. Jugglers interested in performing should contact him at Decatur, Georgia.


CONVENTION BLOOD DRIVE: The IJA is on record as sponsoring blood donations through local blood banks to try to meet the 12 million pints needed by patients annually. If you can't make it to the convention give-in, send verification of your local donation to the IJA.


CLIMATOLOGICAL NOTE: Atlanta is HOT in July. A small electric fan will make sleeping more pleasant.


Big Toss Up

Remember the Big Toss-Up in Purchase in 1982? Take another look!

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