Page 20                                                           Spring  1985

New Products


Jenack Circus Corp. announces Squeez-its, the hottest new juggling bag available. Imported from Europe, these delightful bags are a cut above conventional models. Made of double-stretch leather composite, Squeez-its are durable with tightly sewn, hand-finished seams. Bright orange and grain-filled, Squeez-its are so unique in texture, balance and feel that they are making a hit with enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Pliable in your hand, solid in the air, once you get your hands on them you'll never want to put them down! Squeez-its are $20 for three and can be ordered by phone or mail. Jenack Circus Corp., Westbury, New York.

Renegade Juggling is introducing a new thin-lined, light-weight numbers club. It should enable numbers jugglers to get off several good initial throws, making five club juggling easier and seven club juggling possible. The smaller size also gives it great potential as a childrens club.

The design is a scaled-down version of Renegade's standard club. The width was reduced by 23 percent. It is 18112" long, 25/8" maximum width and weighs 6 ounces. Construction techniques and materials are identical to those of other Renegade clubs. The club body will also be used in production of Pershing II missle clubs, adding to Renegade's rapidly expanding nuclear juggling arms race. Write Renegade Juggling, Santa Cruz, California.

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