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Young jugglers reap medals in "Circus of Tomorrow"


A demonstration of equestrian juggling won a gold medal for 14-year-old Stephan Gruss at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (International Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow) in Paris recently.


Stephan's act included juggling 3, 4 and 5 clubs juggled on horseback. Two Chinese acrobatic troupes were also awarded the gold.

The six-day coucours featured performers under 30 years of age and attracted 65 acts from around the world. Medalists were chosen from 23 finalists in the overall field.


Other jugglers were two Russians, 16­and 17-year old Anatoli Miaskostoupov and Victor Pilipovitsch. This acrobatic duo won a silver medal with five club juggling that included takeaways from the side and from under the leg. With up-tempo disco music as accompaniment, they also made the exchange by tossing the five clubs over one man's head to the partner behind, and then back from the partner behind to the person in front.


According to Karl-Heinz Ziethen, juggling archivist from Berlin who witnessed their performance, "There is no stopping their five club juggling. They do things no one else does and which has never been done before!"


For their finale, Miaskostoupov and Pilipovitsch passed 10 clubs between them the length of the circus ring, ending with Victor catching all to clubs. Victor also juggled six clubs in the performance.


A bronze medal and second 'prix speciale" was presented by the German television network (WDR) was won by 10-year-old Laci Endresz Jr. from Britain, a five club juggler and acrobat who performs normally in a family act using teter­board and horses.


Maybe it's cold outside, but Ann Arbor fest is hot


There was a fine turnout for the Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mid-Winter Juggle-In. More than 85 jugglers and would-be jugglers showed up on the worst day of winter, braving six inches of snow and a wind chill factor of 30 degrees below zero!

The crowd favorites were Alan Howard, Bob and Lois Jackson, Bob Whitcomb and the Redford, Michigan, unicycle club. Paul Kyprie taught workshops in beginning juggling, comedy with three balls, club swinging, cigar boxes and devil sticks. AI Eisenhour's videotapes kept people up well past midnight.



April 12-14

Amherst, Massachusetts

The Fifth Return to Amherst mini­convention will feature fun folks! Call Holly Greeley.


April 20-21 Rochester, New York

The 8th annual R. I. T. (Rochester Institute of Technology) Spring Juggle-In will be in the campus gymnasium. There is no registration fee. Beginning Saturday at 10 a.m., there will be workshops. videotapes and equipment raffles. For more information, contact Greg Moss, Rochester, NY.


April 19-21 Columbia, Missouri Jugglefest '85, the mid-America juggling convention, will be held for the fourth straight year in Rothwell Gym on the University of Missouri campus. There is no registration fee, but a $6 charge for parties and barbecue.


Highlights include a Friday night party, workshops, a parade through downtown Columbia, a barbecue and public show Saturday night and Saturday evening party.


On Sunday, a 10-k run sponsored by the local paper will provide an opportunity for jogglers to participate. Free housing will be available through friends of the Y. For more information or to register, write Jugglefest '85, 'c/o YMCA-YWCA, Columbia, MO.

Denis Lacombe

Denis Lacombe

Canadian clown stretches for laughs in "Circus of Tomorrow"

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