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We want levels!

Has anybody set up formal categories of juggling skills for all levels of accomplishment? The Unicycling Society of America has a set of 10 levels for skills with virtually every known trick included somewhere. They also have a certification system wherein a rider demonstrates his accomplishments before any recognized unicycling judge and receives a certificate for that level. It gives riders goals to work toward.


Such a system might be useful for the IJA. It would provide incentives for the majority of us who will probably never be up to competing in the Juniors or the Nationals.


The diversity of props used in juggling and the seemingly endless number of tricks would mean that a formal set of skill levels would have to be limited to a reasonable subset of those props and tricks.

 Steve Stafford


Death of a great roper

I am sorry to pass on news of the death of Frank Dean. Many jugglers remember him because of his book, "Will Rogers' Rope Tricks," which is generally considered the best book on the subject. Although Frank never pursued juggling, he was interested in the IJA and used its concept in founding the International Trick and Fancy Ropers Association in 1980. Born in 1908, he started working the rodeo circuit in 1926 and performed in shows ranging from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.


He was a contributor to the IJA newsletter in its early years and very much interested in spreading the gospel of rope spinning and other Western performing arts. To those of us who knew him, he was an inspiration and all-around great guy. He will be very much missed.

Jim Bayliss


Try boomerang juggling

Since I now hold the official boomerang world juggling record at 161 catches (try it sometime!), I figure this is an excellent time to pass on the art of boomerang juggling. I would provide phone counseling on pointers and be available for on the field coaching. When done right, it is an august experience. It definitely expands juggling into time and space, across a field. All jugglers share the same ethos. A lapse into Prajna, a slip into Zen.

Barnaby Ruhe

Sewing bags for good

To date our church ladies have made over 900 juggling balls and filled them with more than 300 pounds of wheat. Contributions to the church in exchange for the bags are more than $1,000!  We even mail order as far away as New York   I include a set of instructions and IJA application with each set we sell. You can write me for a copy of the simple pattern used in making these bags.

Myron Wilcox Proterville , CA

The goodness of giving

The IJA would like to thank the people listed here for their monetary contributions to the organization during 1984 and 1985. Increased support from members and outside sponsors is an important step in the organization's promotion of juggling as an approachable art and sport for everyone. A big cascade of thanks to:


James Albright

Bill Barnard

Edward Barnett

Steven Bearman

Richard Brown

Louis Carroll

Catherine Chamberlin

George Clark

Stephen Cobert

Kevin Colburn

Charles Crawford

Douglas Davis

Andy D' Allesandro

John Eade

Jenni Elion

Gary Endorf

Martin Fortes

Joseph Franchi

Pat Freely

Bill Giduz

Jacob Goldberg

Robert Gullen

Mark Hamilton


Martha Harnette

Chip Haynes

Andrew Head

Hermen's Promotions

Larry Lee

Jamie Jon James

David Johnson

Doug Johnson Ann

Mark Johnson

Thomas Jones

John Kimmerlein

Larry Kluger

Allan Kornick

Ken Kornhauser

Milt Larsen

David Leavenworth

Val Lee

Manfred Losch

Matthew Love

Brian Maus

Jaques Marais

Brian McGeehan

Michael McGuigan

Roy Melanson


Palula Mikalow

Robby Moran

David Morgen

James Nroiega

Eugene Olchefske

John Peattie

Wilma Perrine

Mark Pluta

Robert Porter

Glida Reid

Margaret Richards Darrell Riley

Johanne Rocco

Morris Sandgrund

Mark Schiffner

Paul Sears

Azreil Siff

Timothy Smith

Jacob Stein

Paul Stein

Steven Van Dyke Herman Welch Myron Wilcox Charles Worrell Patricia Zanelli


At the same time, we offer thanks to those many people who donated their time and talent to the organization's activities. As a 99 percent volunteer organization, the IJA would be unable to function without these personal commitments to its mission and success.

Ginny Rose IJA Treasurer

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