Page 30                                                  Summer 1985


Here's an answer to readers who ask why we don't try to teach more tricks via the magazine! Try this one, demonstrated by Benji Hill of Thomasville, N. C. It's a four-ball pattern juggled as a three-ball cascade with one ball high.

To begin, toss one ball high from the left hand out of a four ball pattern. The left then makes only cascade throws to the right. With the right, make one throw of a regular cascade to the left, then alternate with high throws that fall back into the right hand.


Benji Hill

1. The first ball is thrown high from the left hand.  2.  One round of a cascade has occurred.  High ball is being replaced with ball from right hand.  3.  High ball is caught, new high ball going up.  Cascade round follows.

Benji Hill

4.  Left hand cascade throw is higher than normal.  Right will make self toss, then high toss.  5.  Right catches toss from left, prepares for cascade toss.  6. Right has just made high toss, prepares to catch dropping high toss.  7.  High ball rising, left has made cascade toss.  Next right toss is the self toss.

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