Page 22                                                Fall 1986


Berky & Moschen - Jan. 12, McCarter Theatre, New York, N.Y.; 14, Kent School, Kent, Conn.; 20, Radford U., Radford, Va.; 22, Wilson High, Bozeman, Mt.; 23, Univer­sity of Montana, Missoula; 24, Helena Middle School, Helena, Mt.; 26, Northern Montana State, Havre; 29, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Ft. Wayne, In.


Francis Brunn - Lido, Paris. NataIl~ Enterline - Lido, Paris.


Flying Karamazov Brothers - Nov. 4, Alfred, N.Y.; 5, U. of Maryland, College Park; 6, Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Del.; 7, Bardavon Opera House, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; 8, Suffolk Theatre, Commack, N.Y.; 9, Ulster Arts Center, Kingston, N.Y.; Dec. 2-7, Brooklyn Academy of Music, N.Y.; 26, Stockton State, Pomona, N.J.; 27-30, Annen­berg Center, Philadelphia; 31, Fulton Opera House, Lancaster, Pa. Jan. 5-17; Sydney, Australia; 19-24, Hong Kong; Feb. 3, Laie, Hawaii; 4, Kaneohe, Hawaii; 5, Maui, Hawaii; 6, Kamuela, Hawaii; 7, Hilo, Hawaii; 8, Kauai Comm. Col., Lihue, Hawaii; Feb. ll-March 13; St. Louis Repertory, St. Louis, Mo.


Anthony Gatto - Bally's Grand, Las Vegas through March.


Edward Jackman - Nov. 2-5, NACA Con­vention, Lancaster, Pa.; 7, Stetson U., Deland, Fla. (morning), Embry-Riddle U., Daytona Beach (afternoon); 8-10, NACA Convention, San Jose; Dec. 19-20; At My Place, Santa Monica, Calif.; 24-27, Igby's, Los Angeles; Jan. 9-10, At My Place, Santa Monica.


Dale Jones - Through Oct. 26, Texas State Fair, Dallas. Call 314/227-1049 for other bookings.


Albert Lucas - New Fujiya Hotel, Atami, Japan through Jan. 15.


Jacques Marais - Brian Boswell's Circus, South Africa.


Mark Nizer - Chateau Champlain Hotel in Montreal through Jan. I.


Rejean St. Jules - Circus Circus, Las Vegas. John Stetson - Explorer Star Ship cruise through December.

EUROPEAN CIRCUS JUGGLERS (Compiled from "Cirque" magazine. Editions de La Gardine, CH-2763-Sorvilier, Switzerland)

Cirque Annie Fratellini - Sorin Munteanu

Cirque Piste - The Eight Christians

Cirque Merano - Lad and Kate Endresz

Circus Knie - George Sollveno

Circus Nock - Luce

Circus Cesare Togni - Papi Family

Circus Fliegenpilz - Andre           .

Circus Giovanni Althoff - The Tanis Bros.

Royal Circus - Rose and Sacha Gasser Circus Berolina - Klaus Berlin



by Craig Barnes




Juggler Carlos Ortiz performed recently with Circus Mayar in Mexico under the billing, "The fastest juggler in the Americas." He opened with a fast-paced acrobatic three club routine featuring one high with a back flip and a handstand catch of a high throw between his legs. He did four clubs in a half shower and then cascaded five.


He moved on to juggling .three and four large gymnastic bails a la Francis Brunn. There were body roils, two bounced on his head, two spun while he bounced one on his head, and one bounced while he skipped rope. Next was a combination trick of balancing a bail on a pedestal on his head while spinning two rings on his right leg and juggling five rings.


He spit one to three ping- pong bails, in­cluding one high with a somersault, and finished with seven ping-pong bails using his hands. *



Weil-known comedy juggler Edward Jackman brought his act to Los Angeles audiences July 24-August 10 in a one-man show entitled, "Comedy... and Other Dangerous Stuff. " He presented 90 minutes of off-the-wail comedy along with his expert juggling.


Tricks included six rings, seven bails, three bails with lots of difficult tricks, five bails with three and five-high pirouettes, devil sticks, cigar boxes, apple-machete­bowling bail and cigar boxes.


At one point he spun one bail while bouncing one on his head and juggling two in the other hand. He used his trademark finale of juggling three tennis rackets while balancing a ten-speed bicycle on his face.


Audiences were enthusiastic, but sometimes sparse in the 49-seat theatre. Jackman surprised many theatre-goers by changing clothes quickly at the end of the first act, slipping out the back door and entertaining them outside the theatre even during intermission.


This self-produced production, which forced Jackman to miss his first UA convention in 10 years, was a change of pace from the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) campus circuit where he was voted 1985 campus comedy entertainer of the year.


Jackman also recently filmed a TV movie, "Here a Thief, There a Thief," in which he plays a fire juggling Mexican bandito passing torches around the kidnap­ped Audrey Hepburn. The film will be aired this fail.

"Well, I like the thing with the fire..."

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