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Please keep meeting notices current by forwarding information to Keith Watson,  IJA Affiliates coordinator , Largo, Florida.  A '*' beside a club listed below signifies that it is an IJA Affiliate.



-Anchorage -Jim Kerr.



* Phoenix - Aerial Mirage Jugglers.  Ron Bauman, Elliot Goldstein, or Cheryl Tavenner.



-Arcata - Humboldt Juggling Society, Phyllis Chinn.

- Berkeley - UC Berkeley Juggling Club, Lahrs Rohbach

- Hermosa Beach - South Beach Jugglers, Mark Lindey.

- Irvine - UC-Irvine, Jahnathon Whitfield.

- Los Angeles - UCLA Juggling Club, Laura Novick.

- North Hollywood - Mike Washlake.

- Orange - Orange Jugglers, Jahnathan Whitfield

- Palo Alto - Stanford Memorial Jugglers, Martin Frost.

- Pasadena - Mike Leebolt .

- Pasadena - Jet Lab Jugglers. Chuck Lahmeyer.

* San Diego - Several San Diegans Who Are Jugglers Club, Milt Tate or Dick Rainer.

- San Diego - UCSD Juggling Club, Susie Williams. or Milt Tate.

- San Francisco - Andrew Conway

* San Jose - San Jose Juggling Society, Barry Bakalor or Ben Spade.

- Santa Rosa - Fair Weather Jugglers,  Todd Victor or Lisette Guy or Mark Bunnell.

- Santa Rosa - Sanoma State Jugglers Club, Mark Bunnell.



* Denver - Rocky Mountain Jugglers, Tricia Allen or Abbie Lawrence.

- Ft. Collins - Cody Landstrom.



- Hamden - Suspended Animation Juggling Club, Tony Komosinski.



 - Washington - Mark Schiffner.



- Newark - University Jugglers Assn., Mike Hoffman or Charlie Field.



 * Coconut Grove - Grove Juggling Exchange, David Dodd or Robbie Hermens.

- Coral Gables - The University of Miami's Juggling Club, David Black..

- Gainesville - No Pun Intended Juggling Club, John C. Creveling.

- Naples - The Southwest Florida Juggling Club, Terry Hurd.

- Orlando - Central Florida Jugglers Association, Bob Peak or Nancy Tiedjens

- Tallahassee - Newton's Children: The Tallahassee Juggler's Club, Johnathon Lyons.

* Tampa - The Tampa Bay Juggler's Club, Ed Kosco or Chip Haynes.

Small town jugglers in disguise.

Small town jugglers in disguise.

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