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A Fancy Three Club Start by Michael Stillwell

(Illus. 1) Hold two clubs in the left hand as shown. Place the third club between them.


(Illus. 2) Transfer all three clubs to the right hand. The right index finger should be on the handle of the middle club.


(Illus. 3) Now pull the right hand down so the clubs are parallel with the ground and toss them upward.


(Illus. 4) The outer clubs should spin once and the middle club twice. Catch the outer two and begin the juggle as the middle one comes down. To make things harder, make the outer clubs spin three times and the middle club four times. Pirouette before catching them! *


Easy popcorn bean bags


An inexpensive bean bag can be made easily and quickly from baby socks and popcorn.


Start with. infants tube socks, size 4-51/2. Some large stores sell them in packages of six pair for under $3. The gray ones with the sport stripes on the top look great!

Uncooked popcorn makes the best filler.


Turn a sock inside out, pour a half-cup of popcorn down into the toe and pack it down into a ball by sliding the top between your thumb and finger. Start twisting the body of the sock into a smooth rope by turning the- ball. Stop when the twist reaches the top three inches of the sock. Wrap the twist around the ball, hold it in place with a thumb, and pop the top of the sock around right-side-out to hold it all in place.


Just the right amount of top wrapped around will leave the very top of the sock slightly open over the material underneath - not stretched and not loose. No sewing is needed. When they start to loosen up, rewind them. Take them apart and wash them, eat them, change the weight, size and firmness. They're versatile bags, great for teaching, and provide comic opportunity in performance.

Mitchell Miner

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