Page 35                                             Spring 1988   

The Scissors Catch by Michael J. Stillwell


Frame 1: From a cascade, throw a right hand double straight up. It should be slightly underspun.

Frame 2: Slap the left hand club into the right hand alongside the club already there.

Frame 3: When the descending club is at chest level and the fat end is pointing straight down, thrust the clubs you hold forward to trap the descending club as shown. You'll have to practice to get the spin right. For an advanced version, try this trick behind the back, under the leg or with pirouettes!


Juggling With the Dictionary by John Dromey


· Ad lib: Verbal parachute to keep a drop from hurting a routine.

· Ambitious juggler: One who's working his "weigh" up from tennis balls to bowling balls, while keeping his sights set on wrecking balls.

· Beginners: Fumbleflingers.

· Club soda: Break the ice at a party by dropping a prop in the punch bowl.

· Drop: Toss loss.

· Group juggling: Scattered showers. · Ice cube juggling: A rarity because jug­glers can't afford to catch cold.

· Juggling: Prop rotation.

· Juggling inexpensive items: Cheap soars of entertainment.

· Juggling dangerous props: Learned through trial and terror.

· Juggler's obligation: To toss the salad.

· Kissing: Club rub... ball brawl... hat spat... dish bash.

· Liquid assets: Props you use in the shower.

· Passing fancy: Close encounters of the blurred kind. .

· Pirouette: You-turn.

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