Page 6                                                       Fall 1988

Good Teamwork

Raspynis Hustle For Juggling Success


by Bill Giduz


They've performed for President Reagan in Ford's Theatre and for rowdy crowds at the IJA's Club Renegade. With their roots in the IJA and their career going full speed, the Raspyni Brothers represent the best the organization has to offer - in-house participation and professional success.


Flawless technique and understated comedy have won them two IJA Team Championships title (including this year's in Denver ) and top-dollar bookings around the world. Such success doesn't come haphazardly or overnight+. claim Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman. "Consistency is the main thing," said Holzman, the more outspoken member of the duo, "You can't have a single bad show."


Strict adherence to this code of professionalism has brought them great reward in their six years together. The greatest so far came in late June when they appeared in Ford's Theatre as part of the Festival at the Ford. The audience included President Ronald Reagan and people who paid $1,000 a couple for seats. Besides the Raspynis, t.he show included Sid Caesar, Shirley Jones, LaToya Jackson, Frankie Avalon, Fabian and Bobby Ridell. It will be telecast sometime in September. Their presentation there was flawless, and the sight of President Reagan guffawing on the front row gave them a supreme feeling of accomplishment.


"The best moment was the end," said Holzman. "I didn't look at the president at all during the performance. But when Barry caught the last club between his legs, I took a bow and saw Reagan on the edge of his seat applauding. I felt like we had reached the pinnacle of what's available for a variety performer when we did that. I knew we had done as well as we could, and it was quite a thrill." 

Holzman and Friedman

(l-r) Holzman and Friedman, two wild & successful juggling guys.

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