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Dave Jones and Susie Williams, contributing editors.


Bob Whitcomb performed at the White House the day after Easter, showing off for President Bush and his family by juggling three eggs while balancing a four­foot tall stuffed Easter bunny on his head. For his finale, Whits tossed the eggs up into a basket which the bunny was holding. When he returned to Columbus , Ohio , he did some fire juggling in the Opera Columbus production of "Faust". He is also doing a lot of work on the fair and festival circuit this summer.


Back now from Japan, Cindy Friedburg will work at the New York Renaissance Fair from July 29-Sept. 17.


"The bits themselves are going fine, but the show as a whole is still choppy,"

says Andrew Potter about the new show High Street Circus is working on. Potter and cohort Wheeler Cole have been re­hearsing for the last four months. Although he was reluctant to divulge any secrets, Potter said the new material will include some new balancing tricks, and plenty of eggs and ukuleles. High Street Circus will be performing in New York City on Aug. 12 in the Clown Theatre Festival outside Lincoln Center .


Frank Olivier will appear on the PBS show "Comedy Tonight" in the up­coming season, performing some of his new act, "Frank Olivier On the Edge." In the finale of the act, Olivier plays an electric guitar through a wireless sound system while idling on a six-foot unicycle AND juggling torches. He has recently appeared on "Michael Barrymore's Saturday Night Out," a BBC television show in London , and will be performing at the Montreal Comedy Festival in July.


Todd Strong has spent an extended period of time as "professeur du jonglage" at the Centre National des. Arts du Cirque in Chalons-sur-Mame. He took a delegation from the school to the French national juggling convention in Toulouse . Here­ports "a good, entertaining public show with a high level of technical skill. Our circus school was well represented with five good acts, strong passing team, a diabolo performer, free standing ladder, bicycle rider and another bicycle rider who performed a gymnastics routine with just the front wheel. My favorite part of the convention was the parade, which had no permit and marched smack into the Sunday open-air market. When 300 parading jugglers met thousands of packed-in shoppers, we joined them. The parade stopped for about 10 minutes, everybody shopped, and then we formed up again to head for the square and juggling games."


Robert Nelson of San Francisco performed this spring in Osaka and at the Asian-Pacific Exposition in Fukuoka . Japan . He wrote "All goes well for 'cho cho otoko' (Butterfly Man) in Japan . My head is popular............. Those who know him know that Nelson has a butterfly tattoo on his nearly-bald head. That fact, plus his juggling ability, earned him spots in the local papers and on TV shows. Upon returning the USA in May, he resumed a schedule of corporate and college shows.


Wedding bells are ringing all over Southern California . Jugglers from the Orange Juice Jugglers and the UC-San Diego Cfub have announced their intentions. Meanwhile, Jeff Simon and Several San Diegans Who Juggle president Lisa Fay have skipped off to Jamaica to tie the proverbial knot. Best wishes to all.


Robert Nelson in Japan

Robert Nelson in Japan.

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