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The meetings list is carried each Summer and Winter issue.  Please keep meeting notices current by forwarding information to Tom Bennett, Affiliates Director, Akron, OH.  The next deadline for fall meetings will be October 15.  Updates on meetings are also carried in the IJA Clubs and Affiliates Newsletter.  A '*' beside a club listed below signifies it is one of 37 IJA Affiliates.



- Anchorage -Jim Kerr.



* Phoenix - Aerial Mirage Jugglers.  Ron Bauman or Elliot Goldstein.



- Arcata - Humboldt Juggling Society, Phyllis Chinn.

- Berkeley - Berkeley Juggling Club, Lars Rorbach.

- Hermosa Beach -South Bay Jugglers,  Mark Lindey.

- North Hollywood - Mike Washlake or Dan Holzman.

- Irvine - Jahnathon Whitfield.

* Palo Alto - Stanford Court Jugglers - Martin Frost.

- Pasadena - Mike Leebolt .

*  San Diego - Several San Diegans Who Are Jugglers Club,  Susie Williams or Lisa Simon. 

* San Diego - The San Diego Jugglers' Club, Dick Ranier.

- San Diego - SDSU Juggling Club, Carolyn Gennrich.

- San Francisco - Todd Strong.

*  San Jose - Barry Bakalor  or Ben Spade.

* Santa Ana - Orange County Jugglers - Jahnathan Whitfield.

- Santa Rosa - Fair Weather Jugglers, Todd Victor or Lisette Guy. 



* Denver - Rocky Mountain Jugglers, Abbie Lawrence.

- Ft. Collins - Cody Landstrom or Bill Wright.



* Hamden - Suspended Animation Juggling Club, Tony Komosinski or Dale Peterson.



 - Washington - Mark Schiffner.



* Newark - University Jugglers Assn., - Neil Meisel



* Coconut Grove - Grove Juggling Exchange, Robert Hermens.

- Coral Gables - The University of Miami Juggler's Club, David Black or Campus Sports. 

- Gainesville -No Pun Intended Juggling Club, John Creveling.

* Hollywood - South Florida Jugglers - Roni Lynn or Fran Guerra.

- Naples - The Soutwest Florida Juggling Club, Terry Hurd or Bob Goepzelman.

- Panama City - Gulf Coast Jugglers - Pat Linder.

- Tallahassee - Newton's Children:  The Tallahassee Juggler's Club.  Jonathan Lyons or Craig Smith.

* Tampa - The Tampa Bay Jugglers Club. Ed Kosco or Chip Haynes.



* Atlanta - Atlanta Jugglers Association, Toni Shifalo or Randy Fenster.

- Atlanta - North Fulton Juggling Club, Russell Powell



- Aurora - Aurora Juggling Club, John Gunser.

- Champaign/Urbana - Illinois Juggling & Unicycle Club, Chris Lareau.

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