Davenport Dazzler

Volume 1 Number one


Welcome to the 58th annual IJA Festival. As of Monday evening over 527* jugglers had registered, making this the largest single IJA festival ever held in Iowa . Or so.

Important information: The registration desk is (Please choose from the following list of metaphors)

1. Experiencing technical difficulties.
2. Windows based, if you know what I mean.
3. Between relationships.
4. Hurricane Emily, you know.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Workshop changes and additions

Attack Juggling: Style & Choreography (Michael Karas) has been moved from 3pm Tuesday to 3pm Wednesday

Poker (Jackie E) has been moved from 4pm Tuesday to 4pm Tuesday

Contact Juggling 101 (Ed Hughes) has been added at 11am Wednesday

For more additions and changes, drop by the Workshops Table. Would you like to teach a workshop? Please drop by aforementioned Table, or talk to Katje Sabin or Bill Gilliland.


10 am First timer’s orientation, main gym
11 am Flamingo club meeting, part one, main gym
3-5 pm Individual prop competition, main gym
11 pm Midnight show, festival tent
{note the rich irony.} Sign up at the Renegade table for a spot. Not a kid show in any way, shape or form.


The IJA House Band, led by the intrepid Bruce Plott (because with a name like that, you can’t help being intrepid), will have its first rehearsal THIS MORNING

( Tuesday) at 9:45am in the Arkansas/Platte room (just above the Reg Desk). Did you bring an instrument? If so, come join in!


Volunteers always appreciated welcomed and necessary. Please do help out: help a beginner, teach a workshop, get hot tea for a board member, help check badges for an hour, usher, --It all helps. Sign up at the far side of the reg desk for a shift.

Your Daily Davenport Dazzler’ is scribed daily By Dave Walbridge, and as such, any news bits you might have should be delivered to him ( ask at reg.) by 9 ish. Especially appreciated are good juicy gossip, News you’d want to reach about 500 jugglers before the intermissions of the evening’s show, juggling-related humor and dark beers.

Top Ten rejected top ten topics

10. Top Ten Clever anagrams for “ Iowa ”.
9. Ten things you can’t put in a news letter.
8. Jason Garfiled’s Top Ten favorite Birthday party clowns…and their balloon animal friends
7. Top Ten Amusing stories whose statue of limitations has not yet been reached.
6. Top Ten Euphemisms for out of funny
5. Stuff in my prop bag.
4. Top Ten Misspellings of “Karamotsov”
3. Top Ten Best dark American beers (Interesting, but not funny)
2. The top nine list!
1. the Top Ten rejected top ten topics