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Globe This is a list of WJD Events for 1998. It is kept in this directory for historical purposes only. I have added links and pictures to events where they were available. If you have pictures of your event you would like to share, please send them in!

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

Globe Africa

South Africa

  Johannesburg - The Balls Up! Juggling Club will be juggling at a shopping mall (venue not confirmed yet). Expecting 20-30 jugglers, no show as such, just having fun, teaching the public and generally promoting juggling. Contact Garth.

Globe Antarctica

The South Pole
  Amunsdsen-Scott Station - 100 yards from the geographic South Pole. "End of the Earth Jugglers" Drew Logan and Dave Pernic hope to set two new records: First, the world's lowest temperature juggling record. (Ave temp. in June is -70 F, sometimes as low as -100 F) And Second, to juggle in all the world's time zones without stopping. Contact Drew Logan.

NEW! Pictures! - balls01.jpg (10KB), clubs04.jpg (10KB)
The pictures are a bit dark. It's dark 24 hours a day down here until September (then the sun is up for 6 months). There are some ultrasensative astronomy projects going on and we just couldn't use any more lighting. The temp was quite warm for this time of year, it was -50 F. The windchill was right around -100F. (Average temp for this time of year is -70 with windchill around -120) The metal pole in the pictures is the actual South Pole marker, lattitude -90. All the world's time zones come together at that point. Our station is 150 yards "north".

Globe Asia


  Dhaka - Ian Foster will be throwing things around somewhere. If any other jugglers are in the area, throw something his way.


  Auroville - Open juggleday for the international township of Auroville, India, taking place in Bharat Nivas Auditorium 9-12 am and 4 am till... Giving everybody here the chance to discover the fun and the healing power of juggling. Contact Andju.


  Omer - a small town near Be'er Sheva. Meet in the public park.

Globe Australia

  Brisbane - City Botanic Gardens. (just inside the main gates on your left) The Brisbane Juggling Festival - including joggling, gladiators, roving acts, workshops, and much foolishness. Contact Grant Corbett.

New South Wales
  Newcastle - Juggle Jam Juggling Club will be having an extra club meeting at a local juggling-shop. KiteWorks - 5 Crown St. We will have some workshops and some performing, meeting begins at 11:00. We expect approx. 50 jugglers. Contact Loch. phone# 02-49 26 3535

  Sydney - First Fleet Park, Circular Quay, 10am to 3pm. Activities include: Australian Most-Number-Of-Jugglers-Passing-Clubs Record Attempt, Rainbow Circus Playground, Lunatrix Juggling Stall, Balloons, Juggler Census, Shows, Workshops. Organised by Newtown Juggling Club, Rainbow Circus and Lunatrix. Contact Julian Orbach.

  Wagga Wagga - Wagga Wagga Juggling Club. Contact Scott Griffin.

Western Australia
  Perth - Murray Street Mall, from 11am - 2pm. The University of Western Australia Juggling Club and as many other local jugglers as possible will be holding a mini convention, including shows, games and free workshops for the public, as well as an overuse of the word "rotisserie". This event is being sponsored by The Circus Shop. Contact Danielle Osmond.

Globe Europe


  Aalborg - C.V. Obels Plads. From 11:00 to 15:00. Free lessons in the fine art of juggling, make your own balls, time for practising, and spontaneous shows. Organized by the "Nordjydsk Jongloer Laug" - the group behind the 6th, 8th, and second 12th Nordic Juggling Conventions. We hope to have at least 100 jugglers participating. Contact Joergen Mortensen.

  Aarhus - Store Torv, from 11:00 to 16:00. The club "Det Ka'skade" will be there to teach people to juggle and maybe make a show or two. Contact Jesper Nielsen.

  Copenhagen - On the main shopping street, we´ll be offering free lessons on juggling, plus selling beginners juggling equipment. Contact Magnus Bjarnason.


  Luton - Top of Galley Hill. Juggling from dusk 'til dawn. The event will be entirely out of doors so we are praying for fine weather. Contact Peter Ambrose.

  Kenilworth - Kenilworth Castle. St. Judes Jugglers will be performing with the Lion Rampant Mediaeval Society. Contact Karim Kronfli.

West Yorkshire
  Leeds - Hyde Park. Half way along the park on the main road side as there's a big flat area there. Leeds Uni Juggling Club will be there from about mid-day. Nothing formal organized, just a day out in the sun throwing stuff at each other. Bring food, booze, your juggling stuff and any other forms of entertainment you feel necessary. Contact Mike Armstrong.


  Vaasa - The HMR Jugglers will be meeting in the park to juggle. Contact Jani Kyllonen.


  La Garde - (near Marseille). We are organizing a big party of juggling and music during the weekend of Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st. (feast of music in Europe) There will be a lot of jugglers, musicians and public - about 5000 people. We will conducting workshops for beginners and experienced jugglers, and a lot of shows and concerts will animate this event. Contact Thomas Pateffoz.

  Paris - Rassemblement de tous ceux qui jonglent ! avec en prime des animations dans tous les coins, ainsi que sur scene : DIABOLO & CO + BALLAPAPAS + PLEIN D'INVITES = 30 pers. Auront lieu aussi durant la journee, divers ateliers de jonglage encadres par une belle brochette de jongleurs, c'est moi qui vous le dit !!! Soyez nopmbreux a venir faiter cette JOUNEE MONDIALE DE LA JONGLERIE avec nous a cette adresse : PARC DE BELLEVILLE 75020 PARIS FRANCE   Contact Gilles Peters.


  Bremen - Circus Spektakel. "10 Years of Circus Bambini" Contact Stefan Köhler.

  Bremerhaven - Grosse Kirche (great church) from 11:00 to 17:00. The Magic Company Bremerhaven, (a club) is organizing a small event with workshops in firebreathing, juggling, unicycling, stilts, and so on. Contact Marco.

  Cologne - The "Koelnvention" Juggling Club. There will be a parade, street performances and open workshops in the city of Cologne. Expect about 15 Jugglers and 150 participants. Contact Wolfgang Westerboer.

  Geretsried (Southern Germany) - The "Gaukler Gewerkschaft" Juggling Club. Contact Mico Weigert.

  Nuernberg - "Un-conventional Juggling Convention". The weekend of June 20-21, in a park near the center of town called "Woehrder Wiese". This special weekend is not only WJD but also the 5th annual meeting for the jugglers around from the cities of Nuernberg, Fuerth and Erlangen (in german it's called the "5. Woehrder Wiesen-Wochenende). "Un-conventional" means that there is no food-supply nor sleeping facilities, no (official) workshops and no public show in the sense of a great evening gala. But - it's completely free for all folks! We invite not only jugglers but all people who are interested in juggling or want to learn. Contact Rainer Kurz.

  Preetz - Neue Wilhelminenschule (close to the railway station) The circus groups in Kiel and Preetz will get together for a day-long juggling festival. They estimate 50 people will participate. Contact Kay Herzig, Froebelstr. 36, 24113 Kiel.

  Stuttgart - Jongliertreff Stuttgart will meet at a central point (castle) at 3:00pm, until about 6:00pm. They will try to get the public to juggle with them. Contact Anja.


  San Giovanni in Persiceto - (close to Modena) Italian Juggling Convention. Contact Marco Schiavina, Tel: +39 51 827045, Jochen, Tel/Fax: +39 385 99314.


  Norwegian Juggling Convention - June 19-21. On June 20th we will have a parade through the city we're in. After that we'll have a show in the centre, and then, if the weather is ok, go to the beach and have workshops until it's time for our Galla Show in the evening. We are currently expecting about 200 jugglers to attend. Contact Kjersti A. Lien.


  Alicante - Me llamo Pablo Gomis y en representación de la Asociación de malabares, animación de calle y artes circenses de la provincia de Alicante "DONYET ARDIT" quiero mostraros lo que tenemos pensado para el día mundial de los malabares, que por desgracia nosotros tendremos que conmemorar el día 4 de julio por razones de fuerza mayor. Para ese día hemos programado por la mañana talleres tanto de construcción como de manipulación de pelotas, mazas y palo chino además de danzas y de diábolo. Por la tarde tendremos varias actuaciones tanto de teatro como de malabares y por la noche un concierto de música celta y otro de rok si todo sale bien, claro. Nos podeis encontrar en la calle labradores nº 14 3º, C.P: 03002 de Alicante (España), Un saludo a todo el mundo que lea esta carta. Espero que volvamos a ponernos en contacto en proyectos tan interesantes como este.
(We will be celebrating WJD on July 4th. Our program for that day includes, in the morning, workshops both of fabrication and manipulation of balls and devil stick, besides dances and diabolo. In the afternoon we will have several acts of theater and juggling, and in the night a rock and a celtic music concert, of course if all works properly.)

  Barcelona - Platja de Castelldefels, just en front de l'hotel Playafels. Ens trobarem a les 18:00 per malabarejar a la platja. Els malabars amb llum de dia, acabaran amb un llençament massiu d'objectes. En acabat, soparem el que duguem (picnic). I amb el sol post, farem malabars amb foc. Contactes: Dani, Joan.
(Beach of Castelldefels, exactly in front of Playafels Hotel. We will meet at 18:00 to juggle in the beach. Daylight juggle will end with a big toss-up. Later, we will have a picnic-dinner. And with the sunset, we will light our fire props.)


  Lund - The Lund Juggling Club will have a picnic close to LTH Karhus, starting at 15:00. Contact Bjorn Gedda.

  Soelvesborg - Jupiter Juggling Club will teach the art of juggling to the public, from beginner to expert! And of course a lot of crazy games... For more details call GLOBE: 0456-41234(Sweden)

  Stockholm - Raalambshovsparken. The FJONG Fritidsjongloererna (Sparetime jugglers) will meet in the park and give free lessons to the public. Contact Henrik Nilsson.

  Vässarö - Pelikan ängarna, the Swedish Scout Association's Island. World Juggling Day is also Midsummer's Eve this year, and the Swedes will be celebrating, dancing and juggling around the may-pole. Contact Nils Eliasson.

Globe North America


  Red Deer - Contact Kolin S. Murray

  Saskatoon - Gazebo Park, downtown Saskatoon, starting about noon. The Saskatoon Juggling Club, "Passtafarians", will be juggling and having a barbeque. Contact Josh Hayward.

United States

  Davis - Farmers Market, 3rd and D Streets. The DaMento Jugglers will be giving free juggling demonstrations and lessons between 9:00am and noon. Contact Katje Sabin-Newmiller.

  Orange County - Irvine Park, City of Orange, Saturday from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. Open to the public. Free lessons and juggling balls provided. Juggling balls, clubs, and related items will also be available for purchase through a variety of local vendors. A $4 per car park admission fee is in effect. Hosted by the Orange Jugglers. Contact Steve Gerdes.

  Palo Alto - Mitchell Park, from 1pm to 4pm. The Stanford Court Jugglers will be gathering to have fun juggling and to provide free juggling lessons to anyone interested. We will probably have about 50 people juggling. Contact Martin Frost.

  Sacramento - Fair Oaks Park in Fair Oaks, at the intersection of Fair Oaks Blvd and Madison. The DaMento Jugglers will be giving free juggling demonstrations and lessons from 1:00pm until they fall down exhausted. Bring something to share for a potluck dinner afterwards. Contact Katje Sabin-Newmiller.

  Sonora - Juggling Safety in Sonora. Comunity event co-sponsored by JuggleSource (My Company) and the City Fire department, Police dept, and city council, of Sonora, CA. (Hopefully a first annual event.) Contact Eric Cumberland.

  Orlando - Altamonte Springs. Jugglers will gather in Hermit's Trail Park from 5-8:30 p.m. Contact Carol Meyer at 1164 Galahad Dr., Casselberry FL 32707. Call 407/699-1009.

  University of Georgia - North Campus. Contact Geoff Estes.

  Champaign - University of Illinois. The Illini Juggling and Unicycling Club will be meeting on the quad. Contact Aron Fay.

  Chicago - Pigeon hunt with Chinese yo yo's at Bessemer Park. (cous cous for lunch) We plan to Juggle at noon, publicize it and teach newcomers to juggle. Plus have a high toss diabolo competition with barbequed pigeon for lunch. Contact Barry Rapoport.

  Dows - A few jugglers will meet in the park. Contact Troy Russell.

  Bangor - Paul Bunyan Park. Noon to 4pm. Activities will include a public show, unicycling workshops, three ball workshops, club & ring workshops, tight wire walking, a dunk tank and moon walk. The event will receive sponsorship from Z 107.3 Radio, which will remote broadcast from the site. The club expects to involve 200 people. Contact Ken Thompson. (207) 947-4249

  Greenville - Free Juggling Lessons from 10 am. to dusk at the Greenville Community Center located 1/2 mi. east of downtown Greenville on Kent Road. Experienced Jugglers that will help teach others will recieve a free World Juggling Day T-shirt. We will also have some T-shirts availiable for purchase for $10.00 each. Please let me know if you can help teach and you qualify for the free shirt. We will play some games, (combat, simon says, 6 egg passing endurance, etc). Bring along your favorite beverages and snacks and a dish to pass for a potluck picnic. The Greenville Jugglers will supply grilled hot dogs and burgers. We will have a good supply of juggling props availiable for purchase from Jireh Distributing. If any other juggling groups want to buy some World Juggling Day T-shirts for your event customized with your event location give me a call for special pricing. Contact Tom Stafford.

  Rochester - Silverlake Park. The Rochester Juggling Club will be meeting in the park. Aprox. 10 jugglers will be available for free lessons & demonstrations. Contact Andy Arhelger.

  Oxford - The Ole Miss/Oxford Club will be having a celebration with a keg of really cheap beer - we figure there's no better way to get people's attention than free cheap beer, and who knows, it just might loosen people up enough to try to learn to juggle (a key concern for us here, there being only three of us - throwing large blunt objects at the same people all the time just isn't as exciting as the unexpectedness one gets from fresh blood). As a special event, a majority (two) of our club will attempt a club first - machete passing! (torches have become humdrum to the local crowd) - we're debating whether or not to dull the blades.... Later, we will have unicycle races. Contact Rob Black.

  Missoula - Caras Park, meet at 1:00pm. Jugglers will meet in the park to juggle their hearts out, inviting others to join in. Free lessons provided. Contact Zandy Sievers.

  Omaha - University of Nebraska. The Flatland Juggling Festival. There will be open juggling all day, games, and a public show in the evening. The public is of course invited. I am currently working on possibly teaching a group of wheel chair bound kids to juggle that morning. More fun and games to follow. That is the basic outline for Sat. except of course the obligatory party Saturday night. Contact Jek Kelly.

New York
  Poughkeepsie - Marist College - Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival - Free-Time Juggling Area. 10:00 am - dusk, Saturday and Sunday. The Free-Time Juggling Area annually provides on-going beginning juggling lessons to hundreds of people during this weekend-long environmental arts and music festival on the banks of the Hudson. Additionally, it's the place where jugglers/performers attending the festival congregate to juggle. The admission fee supports Clearwater's mission to restore and protect the Hudson River. Contact Bruce Engholm.

North Carolina
  Charlotte - Davidson College. Hosted by the Davidson Juggling Club. Contact Bill Giduz.

  Columbus - Goodale Park. Weather permitting, there will be juggling in the park. Contact Ami Chitwood.

  Portland - "No Problem, Easy Pickup" Jugglers - Parade through town starting at Pioneer Square and moving toward Saturday Market, which is a major busking site and tourist center, and then to Waterfront Park. Later in the day we'll be moving to a suburb that is putting on a solstice street fair. This will all take a lot of energy so we expect to stop for snacks & beer quite frequently. Contact Eric Bagai.
  Eric has provided details of his plans which he freely shares with anyone who would like to use or take inspiration from them:
Each of us will have a bag containing a stack of "How To Juggle" flyers, a dozen beanbags, and bunch of 2.5", round, self-adhesive labels that say: "World Juggling Day Census - YOU HAVE BEEN COUNTED!" One of us will have the "official census clipboard" and pretend to take the official count as it is officially counted. This person will wear a sandwich-board giving the basic event info. Maybe be on stilts, too. All of us will keep up a continual chatter: "Bring out your jugglers. Juggling Census! Free Juggling Lessons! Throw up and be counted!" and suchlike. The routine is, you stop a passerby and ask if they can juggle. If they say yes, you shove three beambags in their face and ask them to show you. Any reasonable attempt gets a sticker and congratulations. If they say no, ask if they want to learn how. If necessary, argue with them (but nicely). Give them the handout and tell them to come to the club meeting to get more help. The handout is a single-sheet complete lesson on the cascade, with hints for the hdcpd. Feel free to customize it with your own club name and meeting information. We'll do the usual pre-event media blitz, and expect to have event notices in the local daily and weekly papers. With luck there will also be TV cameras at pre-arranged sites. The media notices will ask all jugglers to join us, offer to teach anyone who wants to learn, and promise to report the official census results to the IJA. I'll print up a box of 1,200 census stickers, so we will get an accurate count for the IJA contest by seeing how many are left over. Of course the whole census thing is obviously silly, but it gives a reason for doing everything we do, and it gives people a reason to participate. The census is our "Maguffin," a term invented by Alfred Hitchcock to describe the thing around which the plot resolves itself -- like the Maltese Falcon. Again, please adopt and adapt any or all of this for your event.

NEW! Pictures! - Group Shot (27K), Taking the Census (41K)

  Beaver Falls - Chippewa Evangelical Free Church. Contact Becky or Laura Provance or Scott Katip.

  Philadelphia - Rear Lawn of Memorial Hall, Noon to 4pm. The Philly Juggling Club invites the public to watch demonstrations in juggling, unicycling and fun skills. There will also be instruction. Admission is free and equipment will be available. Contact Stacey Nathanson.

Washington D.C.
  Smithsonian - Discovery Theater. Possibly using the Ripley Center on the mall. Theater seats 125 people, with juggling shows rotating every 20 minutes or so. The show is called the "All Things Anti-Gravity Cabaret". Possible performers include Laura Green, The UniCycle Lady, and Roderick. Juggling lessons will also be provided, and later an attempt will be made to break the Guiness Record of most people juggling at once. (currently 824) Contact Richard Whitney.

  Chattanooga - Chester Frost Park. 8:00am - 6:00pm. Signs will be posted directing visitors where to go. There will be open demonstrations and lessons for anyone who cares to drop by and have a good time. There will be at least fifteen people from the Tower Juggling Club on hand to help out. Contact Calvin Tower.

  Flower Mound - The "We Love to Juggle Club" will be getting together to teach those who have no clue how to juggle, have demonstrations and games, make juggling fun for everyone, have a great time, and enjoy the sport all day long. We plan to have 10-20 jugglers join in on the excitement of juggling. Contact Preston Bocksell.

  Magna - Magna Park at 1:00pm. The Magna Jugglers will be having an open meeting, teaching anyone who wants to learn. Contact Arwen Hall.

  Barton - Public Library. Juggling w/Mrs. C and Lee. We are having classes from 10AM-12(noon), then a picnic at Crystal Lake State Park from 12-3PM. We are expecting 10-20 people. Contact Brenda Colosa.

  Burlington - On the Green at the waterfront, beginning at 1:00 pm. The University of Vermont Juggling Club will provide free juggling lessons and shows. Contact W.L. Roya. (802) 863-6413

  Belle Haven - Juggling Convention at Eastern Shore's Own Arts Center, 15293 King. Activities will include competitions, performances, lessons, food, and commemorative t-shirts. We're expecting about 300 participants. Contact ESO.

  Fredericksburg - Hurkamp Park. Downtown, conveniently located directly across from the liquor store, huzzah! The Wilderness Jugglers will be joining forces with the Juggling Lions (Louisa Co High School) to teach the public how to juggle. The Soap Box Derby will also be going on that day, 1 block further down William Street. All area jugglers and unicyclists are invited to join in the official goofing off from 10:00-4:00 PM. See you there! Contact David Critchfield.

Globe South America


Provincia de Buenos Aires
  Berazategui - CasiCirco. Realizaremos una funcion, y luego haremos talleres con la gente. (We plan to organise a show, and then some workshops with the people.) Contact Riki Aurelli.

Provincia de Patagonia
  Bariloche - The juggling group "KsalamanK" is organizing a juggling meeting in the biggest square of town. They have gone to the local media and called all the jugglers. They will make a demonstration and end by throwing all the juggling objects into the air. Contact Los Moscovich.


  Bogota - Public Park. Open juggling and free lessons. Contact Rodrigo Tellez Acosta.


  Montevideo - Batlle Park. "Los Juglares" will meet at 14:00, until night. Juggling workshops open for everyone, plays, demonstrations, music and more for all to enjoy. Contact Leo De Mori.


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