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February, 1973                 Volume 25 No.2

This Newsletter is the official publication of the International Jugglers Association. Editors, Ken and Carol Benge, Hanover Park, Ill.



Ron Graham and Phil Berube have planned the 1973 I.J.A. convention for May 26, 27, and 28 at the Holiday Inn, 550 W.. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston, New Jersey. For hotel reservations you can call the Holiday Inn nearest you and have them arrange reservations for you at the Livingston Inn.     .

Ron informs us that the juggling room has an 11 1/2 foot ceiling and it will work fine for juggling. Also on May 25, in the evening, there will be a get together at Ron's home for those who arrive early. R.S.V.F. Ron if you plan on attending.

Check the dates on your calender, this is a 3 day weekend so we hope to see you there!



A recent most pleasant visit from Rosto, the Dutch Juggler who is currently working school assemblies and stopped off during the Christmas holidays on his way from Nebraska to Arkansas, gave me a chance to go through some of my collection and become reacquainted with the wide variety of collectables of juggling interest.

Usually when one thinks of Juggling collections one thinks primarily of books and photos, but there are some other fields of equal interest that can be less costly to collect and can even offer more of a challenge.

One such field is the collecting of Christmas, birthday, and other greeting cards having some juggling theme. Of course, some jugglers make up an original card and these are perhaps the most prized. To mind comes the annual card from the Willers who manage to work into the design both Betty's juggling and Ken's one-hand stand. And then along different lines would be Rosto's full color reproduction photo of an 1894 lithograph used by the 7 Perezoffs. still another type is a commercially available card doctored up to give it a juggling theme. A unique one of this type was sent to me by the late Tom Breen. The card showed a fireplace with a set of andirons whose front looked a bit like juggling clubs. Tom had an arrow pointing to them and wrote, "Look what I did with my clubs:" Over a period of years, the quantity of commercial cards having a juggling theme may surprise you.

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