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March, 1973                 Volume 25 No. 3

This Newsletter is the official publication of the International Jugglers Association. Editors, Ken and Carol Benge, Hanover Park, Ill.




The HAl CHAI VARIETY SHOW was here in Chinatown for 13 days, and will start another two weeks in Los Angeles from February 26th. After that they will be in New York for two weeks. The show changes some of the acts every three to five days. They do have at least the total of 28 different acts, consisting of singing, dancing, acrobatics, juggling, high wire, balancing, magic, strong men, trapeze, etc.

Some of the juggling tricks were done by a fellow juggling three fire torches. He starts by placing one lit fire torch on his forehead in a balance. He then juggles the three torches over the left and right shoulders, under both legs and then

he showers them.


A FREE HEADSTAND is done with the sister being the bearer, and the younger brother on top. What really got me is this is the first time I ever saw a free headstand with partener WITHOUT ANY HEAD GRUMMET OR HEAD DOUGHNUT! Thev balance for well over five minutes doing the cha-cha-cha dance and then later on they light up a cigarette. They also do some juggling and the brother on top spins some rings with his feet. A great act indeed.

I am happy to say that I saw the show 3 times, Mr. Hai Ken Hsin, Captain of the team, invited me two of the times.  I was talking to him in his room and I just mentioned could he perform the free headstand also? He hopped right into it right on the rug, no rings, .nothing... WOW!

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