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December 1976                Volume 28 No. 8


          (Part 1)

Black, Harold ("Buster") Ontario Canada


Bradfield, Bryan

Alberta Canada


Dingman, Tom

Prince Edward Island Canada


Dubeau, Yvan

Montreal , Canada


Fletcher, David

Parrasboro , Nova Scotia Canada


Pope, Bill

Delta, B.C. Canada


Roth, Kathe

Montreal , Quebec Canada


Christiansen, Chris

Reims, France


Weise, Roland


German Democratic Republic


Sagemuller, Hermann


Federal Republic of Germany


Ziethen, Karl-Heinz


Federal Republic of Germany


Doneux, Bruce

Guadalajara , Mexico


De Jong Miriam


The Netherlands


Parker, Dave (Waterman)  Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Rosto, Eddie


The Netherlands


Twigge, Norm

Palmerston North

New Zealand


Menary, Bobby

Cookstown, Tyrone Northern Ireland


Sniadecki, E (Eugen Lima) Kilinskiego, Poland


Philpott, Toby

London England


Timberlake,'Lloyd F., Jr.

London , England


Leslie, Lindsay Keith, Esq.

& John Leslie

Newport -on- Tay

Fife, Scot and


Albert, Greg

Seattle , WA


Allen, Fred

Flint , HI


Alper, Joshua

Chicago, II.


Alvarez, Francisco Albuquerque , NM


Ambers, Joseph

Van Nuys , CA


Amerine, Dean

  San Antonio , TX




The Roster is divided into two parts. The first part is sorted alphabetically by country and then by last name of the member. This means that all of the non-U.S. members are listed first. The second part of the Roster includes only the U.S. members and is sorted by state, city, and then last name. Thus, if you are looking for jugglers in the Boston area, you should look in the second part of the Roster under MA where you will find a list of all Massachusetts jugglers. The exact address of any particular Massachusetts juggler can be found by looking under the juggler's last name in the first portion of the Roster.


An asterisk after the member's name indicates that the given address does not appear to be current. If anyone knows the current whereabouts of these members, please pass this information to the Secretary or Editor.


It was previously suggested that members send their phone numbers to the Editor for inclusion in the Roster; unfortunately, too few were received to make it worth listing any.


The Roster lists everyone who the Secretary's records show as a paid up member as of November 15, 1976

IMPORTANT! See the inside back page of this Roster for the call for dues for 1977.

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