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October-November 1977                       Volume 29 No. 6



Does anyone have a current address for Tracy Mallory; the last address we have was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


I must apologize to Roger Dollarhide for two mistakes in the printing of his excellent convention photographs on page 4 of last issue. The photograph of Petrowicz on Scalzo's feet was inadvertantly reversed, and the spots on

the fantastic photograph of Hovey and Judy passing ten clubs were somehow introduced in the printing process and are not on the original photograph. I also apologize to Karl-Heinz Ziethen for misspelling his last name in the list of new officers in last issue.


The last issue, for all practical purposes, was dedicated to convention coverage. This issue has a heavy emphasis on trick description. Also, biographies of a number of the 1977 champions and officers are included throughout this issue, in order to introduce these luminaries to the members who were unable to attend the convention.


I call everyone's attention to the Editor's column on page 10 of the previous issue which covers my editorial policy,

.especially with regard to ads.


In addition to everyone who contributes articles, several people regularly help me with the production of the Newsletter.


The high quality printing and uniform photograph reproduction from uneven prints are attributable to printer Howard Fraser. Bob Brooks, a professional editor, gives me advice on Newsletter production when I need it; he has also contributed a couple of cartoons. Eric Roberts has taken over maintenance of the computerized mailing list. All three of these work at the same company as I do, Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc., whose computers and typewriters I use weekends and nights to compose the Newsletter. Sara Walden proofreads and also edits all written material that goes into the Newsletter, and along with our seven-year-old son, Luke, she helps fold, staple, stamp, and mail mounds of Newsletters every two months; many of you met Sara and Luke at the convention.


This issue goes to press November 1. The next issue will go to press December 1 and will consist of the annual roster and call for 1978 dues.




Last year Francis Brunn had a serious hip operation that required a long period of recovery. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a routine operation and the doctors would have inserted an artificial hip joint. However, after viewing his act, the doctors knew that this would eliminate much of his mobility and prevent him from ever performing his present act again.


The operation therefore, was much more complicated and involved reversing the thigh bone. Afterward, Francis practiced in bed, or while sitting in a chair.  


Soon, he was getting around on crutches, but this eventually created a new problem for him, as he lost the sensitivity on one side of his fingers. This is a common occurrence for many people on crutches; however, most of them are unaware of it. For Francis it was another setback as this required operations on both hands at different times.


Through all of this, Francis has remained optimistic. At present he practices every day and intends to return to performing as soon as possible.


[Note: Francis Brunn and his sister, Lottie, were brought to this country by John Ringling North and performed in the center ring of the RBBB circus for three years, from 1948 to 1951. They were billed respectively as, "the greatest juggler of the ages" and "the world's fastest juggler." Since then, in their single acts, they have been extraordinarily popular and have played many major events throughout the world. In 1957 Lottie returned to the RBBB circus for one season and was billed as, "the world's greatest woman juggler."]

-- Dennis Soldati

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