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In the item on Ron Graham in the October­November 1977 issue of the Newsletter, I misspelled Martin Gardner's name.


Bill Jenack has retired from his position as Editor of the newsletter of the Unicycling Society of America which he has held for the past four years. Under Bill's editorship, the newsletter was always thick and filled with fascinating information. Bill always gave good coverage to juggling activities. He also has encouraged me and passed on relevant news since the instant I became IJA editor. I greatly appreciate his help. (Carol Birchford is the new Editor of the newsletter of the Unicycling Society of America.)


As has been previously stated (e.g., in the August-September 1977 issue), no responsibility is taken by the IJA or any of its officers for the representations made in advertisements run in the Newsletter. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for prop makers, for instance, to take a little longer than the purchaser might desire to deliver ordered

merchandise because of the irregularities of the prop makers' performing lives and the time required to hand craft props. However, we do not believe it is in the interest of the IJA membership to repeatedly run ads in cases where delivery times are unconscionably long, or the seller does not respond satisfactorily to inquiries from buyers, or the seller otherwise runs his business in ways so slipshod that the buyers are affected detrimentally. If IJA members who have ordered merchandise in response to Newsletter ads have complaints about the service they have received, they may complain to the Editor. While the Editor guarantees nothing, he will make note of the complaint and may forward the complaint on to the advertiser. If there are too many complaints about any given advertiser, the Editor may refuse to run any more ads for the particular advertiser, or the Editor and President may even consider running a warning about the advertiser's practices in the Newsletter. Please do not complain to the Editor before repeatedly complaining and trying to gain satisfaction directly from the advertiser, and remember that even the best and most responsible advertisers may have significant variations in their delivery times. Advertisers, you could help by giving reasonable estimates of delivery times, even if they are longer than you would prefer, and then trying

hard to stick to them.


Rich Chamberlin says the juggling club in Buffalo is interested in obtaining some juggling movies. Rich would appreciate hearing from anyone who has juggling movies for sale or of which copies can be made. Greg Moss also wrote wondering where he could get some juggling movies or video tapes to show to his juggling classes at the University of Rochester.


This suggests a more general question. Shouldn't there be some central facility relating to juggling movies, a place where anyone who has movies or video tapes could register his name and a list of the movies and tapes he has and is willing to loan out or have copied? Thus, people interested in obtaining movies and tapes could write to a central person or place. The registry could also provide a central agency to arrange the resale or transfer

of existing collections of movies and tapes so they remain in our juggling community. It would also be good if provision could somehow be made to transfer old movies to video tape before the movie film deteriorates.


I have only three more issues of the Newsletter to produce; it's time for anyone who's interested in being Editor to make it known.

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