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Born in Paris and on the road with his parents until he had to start school, Kris began performing with his father in 1970. His famous juggling father, Bella, had begun teaching him the art at the age of five, and Kris made his first public appearance when he was twelve. (Before entering the professional world, however, he bowed to his mother's wish and completed an apprenticeship in a sporting goods store in Zurich.) His father, world famous since 1934, put together such a sensational father-son act that the two decided to go on a world tour where they met with wildly enthusiastic audiences. Their show was superbly organized, technically perfect, delightfully witty, and magnificently synchronised with the music. Everything the two Kremos produced with their black bowlers, red top hats, balls, and cigar boxes was of unparalleled brilliance. Their synchronised numbers full of dynamic vitality and originality belong to the very best in their field.


Father and son parted ways in 1975, and following his first solo performance at the winter quarters of the Krone circus, Kris was offered a contract by the Lido in Paris where he began entertaining a year later. Prior to his opening at the Lido, he performed at the well known arena of the Blackpool Tower Circus, at the Palladium and Savoy Hotel in London, and at the Mascotte in his hometown of Zurich.


Kris Kremo has all the makings of a solo entertainer who can succeed in combining his juggling art with dance numbers and sparkling humorous patter. In an hour long Swiss radio broadcast, he not only chatted about his life but also selected the music for the program, thus demonstrating the versatility of his talent.


Kris Kremo's career has been like a rising sun steadily going up and up and up. In each and every performance the champion of the "pirouette with the cigar boxes" does justice to his reputation as one of the greatest attractions in the world of show business. His number with three top hats, three balls, and three cigar boxes has introduced a new dimension to the art of juggling. He has no need to rely on showy properties for he has already captivated the public with his extraordinary skill, his legendary tempo and perfection, and the warmth of his performance.


Kremo's performances during the past three years in all the major cities of Europe have radiated brilliance and charm and he has gained enormous popularity. He has performed regularly at the Lido in Paris, the Tivoli in Copenhagen, the Scala in Barcelona, the Palladium and Savoy Hotel in London, the Krone Circus, and the Knie Circus in his native Switzerland. He has appeared in a Royal Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. As mentioned elsewhere in this issue, Kremo climaxed 1977 with an appearance with the Royal Command Circus in Stockholm before Queen Sylvia and King Carl Gustav (the show was filmed by ABC TV to be televised worldwide) and his win at the Circus World Championships.


Before leaving for Las Vegas, Kris Kremo was in great demand for guest appearances on television shows in Denmark, Germany, England, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. TV viewers in Switzerland recently saw

Kremo (the only juggler in the world to master a triple pirouette in a juggling act) do a quadruple pirouette -- never

done before.

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