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May 1978                                                           Vol. 30 No. 3



I have been to visit Convention Co­chairmen Tom Dewart and Larry Wakeman in Eugene four times, and I am impressed with their extensive preparations for the July convention. The main room at the Valley River Inn is large and well suited to our purposes. Eugene is a friendly city and supports a substantial community of jugglers. Tom, Larry, and friends are to be commended for their work and attention to detail.


A respectable number of talented people are performing as groups or solo acts in the San Francisco Bay Area, including: The Pickle Family Circus Jugglers, with Peggy Snider, Cecil MacKinnon, and Larry Pisani; The Bay City Reds, with Merle Goldstone, Wendy Parkman, Bill Kessler, and Jeff Rza; The Flying Karamazov Brothers; The 'Fly-by-Night Jugglers; The Juggling Mizmos, with Fred Anderson and Kit Trueblood; The Juggling Merlitz Brothers; The Portland Family Circus, on tour (rom Oregon; Caught in the Act, with Hillary Carlip; Jolly Wolly Wonder

Follies; Ray Jason; The Amazing Kristavo; Michael Davis; Whitney Brown, Lee Grodsky; Zu Zu Ha Ha; Bill Garvin; and Bill Barr.


My Berkeley class is alive and thriving. Karl-Heinz Ziethen should be visiting in May. We were recently video taped successfully doing a sixteen person feed (48 clubs) in two positions: a straight forward feed wiih one leader, and two jugglers back-to-back feeding fourteen others arranged in a circle. Imagine our elation as sixteen clubs went up in unison for our finish. Several carloads of us are hoping to go to Eugene, and we are looking forward to a fine convention.

-- Bill Barr

Top photos by John Flynn, taken in "Doc" Edgerton's strobe lab at MIT.

Rawd Holbrook

Rawd Holbrook

Skip King and Arthur Lewbel

Skip King and Arthur Lewbel

Photo by Roger Dollarhide, of the attendees of the March 1978 juggling get-together at the U.S.  Coast Guard Academy.

Photo by Roger Dollarhide, of the attendees of the March 1978 juggling get-together at the U.S.  Coast Guard Academy.

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