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May 1979                                                Volume 31,  Number 3



July 14 through July 22, 1979


Hampshire College Amherst, Massachusetts


Chairpeople: Eric Roberts and John Robinson


Calendar of Special Events:


Tuesday, July 17

             4pm - 7pm: Welcoming picnic


Wednesday, July 18

10am - 4pm: Workshops 2pm: Benefit show


Thursday, July 19

9am: Executive board meeting

10am - 1pm: Numbers championships

             2pm - 5pm: Junior division championships

             8pm: Movies, slides, etc.


Friday, July 20

10am - 2pm: Senior division championships

2pm - 5pm: Team championships

6pm: Banquet and awards ceremony

8pm - After dinner show


Saturday, July 21

11am - 1pm: Parade

1pm - 4pm: Public show

8pm: Traditional public show


Sunday, July 22

10am - noon: General business meeting

2pm - 5pm: Workshops

Registration: The registration area will be in the entrance to the Robert Crown Center, which also con­tains the main convention hall. The registration desk
will be open from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. on Tuesday and from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the other convention days. The registration fee for the entire convention will be $5.00 for jugglers, and $1.00 per day for non­jugglers.


Benefit Show: The Benefit Show will be held at the Amherst Senior Citizen Center which is located near the center of the town of Amherst. The Benefit Show has traditionally given jugglers at the convention the chance to share their skills and spirit with those who are not able to come to us.


Public Show: The Traditional Public Show (including the annual Big Toss Up) will be held at the Amherst Regional High School auditorium near the center of Amherst. The auditorium seats over 1000 people and has a large stage which would be ideal for performers. The tickets for the Public Show will be sold locally, at the door, and at the convention desk for 81.50.


Parade and Public Workshop: On Saturday, we have arranged for a juggling parade starting at the High

School, continuing through the center of town, and ending on the town green where we will hold juggling workshops for the public as part of a weekend of festivities planned by the Amherst Chamber of Com­merce. The Chamber is hiring a circus band to ac­company us OD the parade and it looks like it should be a lot of fun. Busses will be available to take people from Hampshire to the High School for the parade.


Championships: The eleventh annual UA Juggling Championships will be held during Thursday and

Friday as four separate events. The official rules for the championships have been circulated in the UA Newsletter and will be available at registration. An entry fee of 81.00 per event will be charged for each competitor, who must be an UA member.


Workshops: Anyone wishing to teach a workshop on performing, teaching, or any specific skill or technique should get in touch with the Education Director prior to the convention. Contact Dave Finnigan, IJA Education Director, Edmonds, WA


Housing: Housing is available on campus at the Dakin House dormitory facility. Room rates will be $9.00 per night for a single room, and there will be an extra charge of $4.00 for each additional person per room. Groups of adjacent rooms may be reserved in advance for families. Blankets will be provided, but linen and pillows will not.


Meals: Meals are available in the College Dining Hall at the following prices:

Breakfast (7:30 to 8:30 a.m.) $1.75

Lunch (noon to 1:30 p.m.) $2.50

Dinner (5 to 6 p.m.) $3.50


On Tuesday evening, we will have the annual opening picnic on the Hampshire campus (prices will be

announced later). On Friday evening, we will have the annual Juggling Banquet, which will be priced at $4.50 for the steak dinner, and $4.00 for the chicken or vegetarian dinner.


Package Deal: For people who plan to spend most of their time at the convention, we have arranged a

special advance registration package which will cover five nights of dormitory space (including linen) all meals including the banquet, the registration fee, and a convention button and T-shirt, for just $70.00 (an $80.00 value). Advance registration requests for this package must be received by July 1.


Other Facilities: The juggling hall will be open 24 hours a day! In addition, registered jugglers at the convention will be able to use the swimming pool, sauna, and tennis courts free of charge.  

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