Page 2                                                 September 1979

Amherst IJA Business Dealings


Saturday, July 261979 8:30 a.m.


Bill Barr, president, called the meeting to order on time at 8:30 a.m. Minutes of the 1978 business meeting were read and approved.


Dennis Soldati, Historian, presented a report on the duties of his office. He said they are to collect, catalog and preserve all materials related to the history of the IJA including news clippings, convention programs, correspondences, newsletters and other pertinent items. There are now more than four cartons of materials, all available to members who want to see them. During the past year, Adrian Sullivan added a substantial amount of correspondence he had with famous jugglers, photographs and news clippings to the historical files.


Donna DiMeo Leith, newsletter editor, encouraged members to send in material to the new newsletter editor.


Rich Chamberlin, treasurer, gave the following financial report:



Beginning balance 8-16-78  $3501.29


 Membership income 4774.22

Account interest  88.68

Miscellaneous income  64.62

Total income $8428.81



Newsletter $3205.84

Secretary 398.90

Treasurer 98.74

Miscellaneous  269.83

Total expenses  $3973.31

End balance 6-28-79 $4455.50

Mary Wisser, secretary, gave a report and suggested members should remember to send in change of address information. Tom Dewart, vice president, said he would appreciate correspondence from many members in the coming year.


Roger Dollarhide, official photographer, said the IJA newsletter has been published continuously since 1949. He has put all newsletters, except the Juggler's Bulletin and Annuals, on microfilm. Roger's collection of over 2,000 pages of newsletters, combined with those of Roger Montandon and Dennis Soldati, were used in compiling the microfiche. Copies of the fiche can be bought from Roger for $20, but must be read with a micro­fiche reader, available in most libraries.


Tom Dewart proposed that the IJA establish a film library. maintained by an IJA librarian and available for duplication to all members. Tom was elected by the membership to head a research committee to investigate the idea.


Executive Committee nominations for life membership were Stuart Rayno/ds and Bill Dietrich. A motion carried that Geno head a research committee to establish guidelines on criter­ion for life membership.


Larry Olson from Fargo, N.D., gave a proposal to have the 1980 convention in that city, coinciding with a large mid-summer festival and street fair from July 22 to July 27. Fargo got the nod.


Officers elected for 1980 are:

President - Tom Dewart, Eugene, Ore.

Vice President - Geno, Santa Monica, Cal.

Newsletter Editor - Bill Giduz, Atlanta

Secretary - Judy Durkin, Pelham, N.H.

Treasurer - Rich Chamberlin, Kenmore, N.Y.

Historian - Dennis Soldati, Rego Park, N.Y.

Championship Director - Garbo, South Paris, Me.

Education Director - Dave Finnigan, Edmonds, Wash.

Photographer - Roger Dollarhide, Hartford, Ct.

Director - Eric Roberts, Cambridge, Ma.

Director - Bill Barr, San Francisco

Honorary Director - John Robinson, Belmont.Ma.

Honorary Director - Dave Walden, Arlington, Ma.

1980 Convention chairpersons - Larry Olson, Bill Palladino, Fargo, N.D.

Foreign Correspondents - Lloyd Timberlake, Roland Weise, Karl-Heinz Ziethen


A motion carried that three designated officers receive an honorarium from a compensation fund made of 10 percent of dues income. The money will be divided half to the newsletter editor and half split between the secretary and treasurer.

On behalf of the Los Angeles Juggler's Forum, Geno donated $50 to the IJA.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 10 a.m.


For the next five years at least, the IJA has a permanent mailing address. Rich Chamberlin, treasurer, has agreed to maintain a PO Box in Kenmore, N.Y. for official correspondences. This box should be used as the IJA address in any listing of organizations, books or any other practical use anyone can think of. It is not, however, the address for membership correspondence. New memberships and renewal information should be sent to Judy Durkin, Secretary, Pelham, N.H.                                             .







(Hampshire costs, cont'd.)



 Checks received

$ 9146

Missing keys & towels



 Cash received

$ 6820

Hamshire total $14,332



 Total credits




$ 1251








 Approximate breakdown of costs


Public Show






Rental on auditorium




$ 5700





Sound system




$ 1200

Bus rental





$ 900

Public Show




$ 4800

Airport runs



 public show

$ 1400

Printing & Supplies




$ 1800









 Hampshire costs



Name tag wallets



 General facilities fee


Cards and tickets



 Package deal surcharge

$ 3000

Public Show Programs



 ($30 x 100)
















Total debits


 Fan rental




Net loss to IJA



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