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Festival Auction Items Open for Universal Bidding


IJA festival auction organizer Braidy Brown has selected three valuable items for bidding by all members of the IJA, not just those who attend the Las Vegas event. If your mail-in bid is the highest after the item is offered at the festival, you'll own it!


Here's a description of these unique collector's items:

Item 1- A one-of-a-kind painting donated by IJA founder and board member Art Jennings from his personal collection. It is a self­portrait of his "Bum Juggler" character, the act that made Jennings famous in the early 1940s. The picture, rich in color, was painted in acrylic on a 16»x20" canvas and has been professionally framed in 3/4" round-cap black lacquered frame.


Item 2 - An original copy of the April 8, 1938, issue of "Family Circle" magazine in very good condition. It features a cover picture of W. C. Fields and a rare interview with Fields inside entitled "W.C.. Fields Tells All." He answers the tough questions - Why did I quit radio? Am I mad at Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergan? What do I think of censors? Was I ever drunk? What concentration does it take to do my comedy juggling and goofy juggling routines?


Item 3 - A mint condition copy of The W.C. Fields Book / Magazine issued in 1973. This publication has a very recognizable, but most unique, drawing of Fields on the cover penned by Jeff Jones, and the artist has personally autographed this copy. The magazine chronicles W.C. Fields movie-making career and includes some great between-the-scenes pictures. It also contains a copy of the rarely­seen W.C. Fields game, "Adversity".


To bid on these items - Send a card or letter including the number of the item you're bidding on, the amount of your bid and your name, address and phone number. All bids must be received in writing by July 10, 1995. No phone bids will be accepted. Send your bids to: Braidy Brown; Binghamton NY. Call him with questions.


Chairman's Report

by Perry Rubenfeld, IJA Board Chainnan


It is a pleasure to report that 1994 was a success both from a festival and a financial point of view for the IJA. Excluding the festival, the IJA showed a modest profit, something we have not seen in the past few years.


In the past year, we were able to repay the debt to the Life Member Fund in full. The capital is now invested in CD's with the interest defraying some of the cost of maintaining Life Members. There still is no plan in place to reinstate the Life Membership program.


The Burlington festival was a tremendous success from start to finish!


After many years, we are able to proceed with projects and decisions based on the benefits to the organization, its members and juggling rather than the "we can afford it" approach. Our reserves are at a point where we would be able to continue to provide services, if we had a poorly attended festival or a large unexpected expense, without ever having to draw on the Life Member fund. I believe that our long-term planning both financial and program-wise is correct.


The Club & Affiliates Newsletter is back. Under the guidance of director Deena Frooman, editor Jerry Carson and other contributors, we have once again renewed communication with our members. Many thanks to all of you!


From all reports, our new video production appears to have the approval of our membership. We are continuing to look into the European markets and hope to have something in place in the near future.


In this issue you will have the opportunity to vote for three IJA directors who will be elected in Las Vegas. Directors now serve for two-year terms, with either three or four directors being elected to the board each year.


As the summer approaches I, like all members, begin to feel the excitement of the upcoming festival in Las Vegas. Plans are underway to make this festival one not to be missed! Dick Franco will be receiving the IJA Award of Excellence and Rudy Cardenas the IJA Historical Achievement Award. Many of the world's top jugglers will be attending this festival, which for most people is reason enough to attend. My sincere thanks to Ginny Rose for her tireless work to assure that we all have a great time in Vegas. I look forward to seeing you there!


CAO Reports '94 Finances

by Norman Schneiderman IJA Chief Administrative Officer


As you have read in the Chairman's Report, we have had another good year. Profits were up due mainly to the turnout at the Burlington festival, with more than 360 more attendees than we anticipated. We also benefited from efforts to streamline operating expenses and boost income with the new video program (thanks to Steve Salberg), the Winter minifest and new merchandise, such as the Mickey Mouse ties (thanks to Bud Markowitz).


As always, an important part of our financial success has also been the untiring and dedicated work of our employees Ginny Rose, Bill Giduz and Richard Dingman - to say nothing of the effort of board members and many, many volunteer helpers.


All in all the outlook is much brighter than it was in 1992 when I began in this position. The Life Member Fund debt has been fully retired, employees are better compensated (still much below what they deserve), and we are building a reserve to help offset any loss from unforeseen events. We plan to procure new computer hardware and software soon to more effectively handle our day-to-day business, and are looking at ways to expand our member services and attract new members.


While all that is positive news, we must apologize for errors in the 1995 Roster. Incorrect and missing entries in the geographical cross-list are due to bugs in

membership software, which should be ironed out with our coming computer upgrade. Hopefully, next year everyone will be where they belong and fully accounted for!


The Las Vegas summer festival promises to be a "not-to-be-missed" event, so I'll see you around the pool at the Hacienda!

The bidding is open for this "Bum Juggler" painting and two other items.

The bidding is open for this "Bum Juggler" painting and two other items.

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