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The IJA governing body next year will be a seven member board of directors elected by the membership. The candidates listed here are running for three of those positions, to fill the expiring terms of Deena Frooman, Art Jennings and Paul Kyprie. Additional people may place their names in nomination at the Las Vegas festival business meeting, but they will not have the advantage of receiving votes from this mail ballot.


You may vote for up to three of the candidates here, or write in your own choices. Your ballot will be held by the IJA until the festival business meeting. If new nominations are received at that time, the IJA will print up a new ballot including all candidates and the polls will be opened for several hours. If you cast a mail ballot now, you may pull it at the festival and cast a new ballot, or you may let it stand. If you do not plan to attend the festival, this is the only ballot you will receive.


All ballots submitted by the end of the election period at the festival will then be opened and counted to determine next years directorate.


If you wish to send in this mail ballot now, but keep your identity secret, put the ballot in an envelope with your name and "IJA Election Ballot" written on the front. Otherwise, please sign your name on this ballot and mail by July 10 to: Richard Dingman; IJA Secretary; Montague MA.


Braidy Brown-Binghamton, NY

Remember me at last year's fest in Burlington? "Going once, going twice!" Yes, that was me as the auctioneer and auction organizer. Our '94 auction was unparalleled with the amount of money we raised in support of our juggling history. I have again this year accepted the opportunity of organizing the auction and I am planning it to be bigger and better than any in recent memory.


I love to juggle, I am captivated by the art of the juggler and I am a connoisseur (one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation) of the art of juggling and its entertainment. The IJA has given me a plethora of enjoyment and memories these past 10 years.


As a board member I would make it my first priority to further develop the auction as a fun way of making money for the IJA. Second, I would like to explore other opportunities I believe could exist that would generate capital and equipment from business and industry in sup­port of the IJA. Not to be all business, I would work to bring the opportunity for luminous juggling, "a glow show," to our next festival.


I would appreciate your vote for me and I thank you for your support. And don't forget­ "One person's trash is another person's treasure." The '95 auction will be better with your contribution. Please send me a donation for this year's auction.


David Cain-Middletown, OH

My name is David Cain. I have been juggling for 13 years, and have been an IJA member for almost as long. As a professional juggler for 11 years, I have performed in circuses, comedy clubs, amusement parks and as the opening act for Ray Charles. I have competed in the IJA stage championships six times and have won four gold medals (Intermediates - 1993, Teams - 1994, Numbers ring passing - 1993 & 1994). I would like to represent a group of IJA members rarely represented on the Board of Directors, young (I'm 25) professional or semi-professional jugglers.


Andrew Conway-San Francisco, CA

I have been a member of the IJA since 1982 and I am sole organizer of the Lodi Juggling Festival. If elected my highest priority would be to reverse the decline in IJA membership. This is what I would like to do: introduce half-price memberships for students, and options for at­tending conventions economically ($125 just to use the gym is way too high for many!); have a European representative on the board and recruit aggressively in Europe; let the member­ship choose IJA festival sites as part of the annual elections; reinstate the Life Member program; encourage lapsed members to rejoin.


Deena Frooman-Charleston , SC

I have been the IJA affiliate director since August 1994 and have found the position affords me communication with a large segment of the membership. The affiliate program is full of vitality and renewed growth. I would like to continue my commitment to the IJA and foster fur­ther rendering of assistance to fellow jugglers.


Art Jennings-San Antonio, TX

The IJA, its growth, permanence and dedication to the development of juggling and the preservation of its history has been one of my primary interests since even before my dream of the IJA became a reality in Pittsburgh , Pa. , in 1947, There is still much to be done and I feel that I am eminently qualified to continue my efforts toward helping the organization grow and improve, Among my aims is to have the 50th anniversary festival in Pittsburgh in 1997. I respectfully ask for your vote so that I may be elected to the board of directors for the coming term.


G. Michael John-Ft. Washington , MD

I have a B.A. in psychology, and have taught juggling since 1988. I've attended 15 consecutive conventions (hitch-hiked to three of them), and have served as a judge and a workshop leader. I am not a college professor, lawyer, or full-time performer; but then; lots of IJA members aren't, either. I feel well qualified to represent the average juggler; someone who does an occasional birthday party or company picnic, but pays the rent with an ordinary office job. I want the IJA, and the national "festivals" to be accessible and helpful to all jugglers.


John Phipps-Dayton, OH

I would like to be a member of the IJA Board of Directors. During my past eight years of membership, I have attended the last four international festivals. At these festivals I have regularly attended the annual business meetings and affiliate meetings. Many professional and personal leadership responsibilities have prepared me to be able to handle this position, including my involvement in the local festivals that have been held in Dayton , Ohio , in recent years. I believe that the biggest challenge facing the IJA now is future growth.


Walter Szeezil-Wildwood, IL

I am interested in expanding the IJA. I would like to increase our membership and also have the IJA stage one additional event annually. Both these goals would help us become financially stronger. I operate the Success Juggling Institute, a training organization devoted to the beginning juggler. I have been an entrepreneur all my life and I have 30 years of successful business experience. I believe in the IJA and, equally important, I have the time to devote to it.



A Hearty Thanks

Cristina and Reed Payne would like to formally thank all the wonderful people in the Carmine Street New York Juggler's Club. Cristina had a severe asthma attack on January 5 and was rushed to the hospital. While she was in the emergency room fighting for her life, someone stole two bags out of our car (parked in the emergency entrance), one of which was our prop bag. After finding out what happened, Tony Duncan and Jaki Reis organized the club and arranged to buy us a new set of seven European clubs and nine stage balls to replace what was stolen.


Cristina is feeling much better now and would like to apologize for scaring everyone. It is nice to know we are so rich in the love of our friends. Thank you Tony, Jaki, Brian Dube and everyone else who was in on this beautiful expression of generosity and kindness. The New York Jugglers are the best in the world!

Cristina and Reed Payne

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