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Winter 1996 - 97                                                         Volume 48  No. 4




9 Festivals Reports Galore!

This issues festival reports chronicle everything from giant beach balls on the Mississippi to the emergence of a new juggling consciousness in Israel.  Reading it here is the next best thing to being there!


33  They're Back.. To Back.. To Back!

The 1996 IJA Champion Dew Drop Jugglers rerninisce about everything from "Castro Oil" to their disastrous fashion show gig in this profile by David Walbridge.

37 If It's Today, This Must Be Grenoble

Andrew packs up the Conway family for a round-the-world day-by-day adventure to the European Juggling Festival in France. Enjoy the "vin du jour" with Andrew's tasty narrative on this colorful event.



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4 Letters

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9 Affiliates Reports

15 Festival Calendar

17 Notes

21 Funnies

24 Workshop

44 Flashback


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