Spring 1997

97 Board of Director Nominees

News - Chairman's Report by Perry Rubenfeld, IJA Board Chair


In Memoriam - George Barvinchak

Prop Shop - The Essential Beanbag (Part 1) by Eric Bagai


Essays - Requiem for a Juggling Fan by Dan Howard

Caught Clean - a Rebuttal by Bobby Hartman

4 minutes, 10 seconds by Donna Koczaja

We of High Numbers by Raphael Harris

IJA's Vegas "Non-Fest" Proves Perfect for Juggler's Vacation by Donna Koczaja

Visiting Brit Finds Vegas Inexplicable by Ian Adcock

Vegas Winterfest in Stereo by Duane Starcher

Festival Reviews - Groundhog Day Fest Isn't a "Light" Event 

Mondo Jugglefest, Chapter 8:  Fire and Ice by Jerry Martin

Ohio U Jugglers Stage Their First Fest by Kia Kuresman

T. I. Cheek by Dusty Galbraith

Gena Shvartzsman Carries a Long Russian Circus Tradition into the American Ring by Bill Giduz

Pavel's Medal by Michael Pikna

Chocolate, Not Pants, In York by Rob Street

Oh, You Kids!  Getting Them Involved and Keeping Them That Way by Bill Giduz

Life in the Faust Lane by Erica Kelch

Flashback - Sarasota Celebrates Dieter Tasso, Master of the Cups and Saucers by Bill Giduz



Juggler's World, Spring 1997

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