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 Re: WJF (Women Jugglers Forgotten) 

Posted by

Luke Burrage

on 8/12/04 at 23:49 GMT
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: *sigh*

: -Adria (who is now expecting a lot of flack)

Flack? Ok. If you want it. You seem to thrive on it. Adria, you have to realise that every time someone says anything even mildly negative to you it probably has nothing to with you being female, blind, crippled, Jewish, a juggler or anything else.

: I find these actions to be as distasteful as someone making jokes at the expense of the disabled.

Adria, the thing I find even more distasteful is someone acting as though she is disabled, making her affliction out to be something that seriously holds them back in life, when she can clearly juggle better than many good jugglers I know. I don't only find it distasteful but extremely insulting to people with real disabilities, like members of my own family, who have spent 20 years in a wheelchair or are *really* blind, who are incapable of juggling or any other physical activity.

These issues are only big issues to you because you go looking for persecution. That first story? Matt didn't say "men", he said "guys" were in the hallway. He meant "people". As in lots of people were waiting to get in. That you were women and the majority of the people in the next workshop were men has nothing to do with that story except in YOUR HEAD.

Stop whining. Grow up.

This flack was brought to you by Luke Burrage, not because you are a blind, crippled, female, Jewish knife juggler but because you are being stupid.

PS: Note to message board moderators - she asked for it.

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