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 Re: WJF (Women Jugglers Forgotten) 

Posted by

Adria M Moskowitz

on 8/13/04 at 02:38 GMT
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: Adria, the thing I find even more distasteful is someone acting as though she is disabled, making her affliction out to be something that seriously holds them back in life,

I have disabilities as a result of a near fatal car crash in 1994. I've been juggling for 7 years. Juggling got me out of the wheel chair, which I'd been in for 3 years and was told I'd never be able to walk again. It also got me the use of my left arm which had been torn off. All that I'm capable of doing in my life is because of juggling.

:when she can clearly juggle better than many good jugglers I know.

Wow, thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me.

:I don't only find it distasteful but extremely insulting to people with real disabilities, like members of my own family, who have spent 20 years in a wheelchair or are *really* blind, who are incapable of juggling or any other physical activity.

I'm sorry if your family members do not have what they consider to be a rich life. But I'm not faking. Just driven. I hope you are not equally as offended by Stephen Hawking or Christopher Reeves.

: PS: Note to message board moderators - she asked for it.

No, I didn't ask for it. I merely expected it.

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