Board Meeting – August 18, 2013

Business Board Meeting – August 18, 2013

5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

1. Call to Order
Chair Erin Stephens called the meeting to order at 5:34 PST.

2. Roll
Present: Erin Stephens (chair), Nathan Wakefield, Scott Krause, Kyle Johnson, Jared Davis, Noel Yee, Lloyd Timberlake, Mike Sullivan, Kim Laird (2013 Fest Director)

Absent: Martin Frost, Sandy Brown

3. Approval of Agenda
Scott  moved to approve the agenda for August 18, 2013.
Second by: Kyle
Vote: unanimous

Approval of Minutes: approved

July 17th Minutes
Motion: Scott
Second: Lloyd
Vote: approved unanimously
Abstain: Jared

July 19th Minutes
Motion:  Lloyd
Second: Scott
Discussion:  Jared: does not understand how he can approve minutes as he was not there. Discussion that he has the right to vote as he sees fit or abstain. He abstains. Discussion over Dave Pawson being “Acting Chair.” Need to make names clear.
Vote: Jared abstains. Otherwise all in favor.

4. Reports

2013 Post Festival Report (Kim Laird)
Discussion: Kim offers verbal summary. Financials not finished. 461 jugglers in the gym, 15 vendors, 100 workshops, 3 special workshops. Volunteers mentioned. Still some BGSU bills outstanding. Square Register system used for the first time with positive and negative results. Allos acceptance of more credit cards. Kim suggests we use it again. IJA (Kim) provided a lot of “BGSU services” during the fest, rather than BGSU providing them. May need a co-director. Kim suggests choosing fest director and letting that person lead on choosing site, mainly to prevent duplication. BGSU putting together “IJA teaser” video. Our complete fest video too big for them to handle. Kim would like to see video through. And then there was the fire marshall fiasco. See Kim’s report for details. She is working on a Festival Director’s handbook. She is also looking at a possible different sort of venue for 2016-17.

Fest video: Kim would like to see if local media schools in her area can do video. Kim will investigate possibilities before an official motion is made.

The board thanks Kim for an awesome festival.

2014 Festival Planning (Erin Stephens)
Discussion: Payment to Purdue was late but has gone through.

Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)
Discussion:  Quebec moving forward. Birmingham, Ala, being considered for 2016 and beyond. Seeking ways to get more long-term view of festivals. Need to talk about having local talent organize and looking at fairgrounds.

Education (Erin Stephens)
Discussion: How can Ellen implement badge system? This a work in progress. Ellen needs to get in contact with all the YEP reps.

IRC Report (Erin Stephens)
Discussion: Needs more discussion at next planning meeting.

Website (Scott Krause)
Discussion: nothing to report.

Marketing (Thom Wall/Erin Stephens)
Discussion:  nothing to report.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Discussion: Members on the upswing. But need to look at dips in memberships, especially family memberships.

Financial (Scott Krause)
Discussion: nothing to report.

5. Motions for Consideration

A. Motion to approve current IJA Officers on a Pro-Tem basis, until the vote on 2014 IJA Officers is made following the Sept. 15 deadline for Letters of Interest.
Motion: Scott
Second: Kyle
Discussion: This not deadline for board vote, but for getting letters.
Vote: Passed unanimously.

B. Motion to approve Katje Sabin and Bill Gilliland as 2014 IJA Festival Co-Directors, with a $5,000 stipend + 10% of profit after a $5,000 profit has been reached.
Motion: Noel
Second: Lloyd
Discussion: Having percentage of profit to organizer may encourage skimping, and should perhaps be flat rate. Also, difficult to actually figure profits quickly. However, cut of profit incentivises director. We can incentivise through other areas besides profits: number of attendees, day passes, etc. Or we do number of gym passes sold. But it is a big swing from volunteer directors to paid. If we pay we should advertise. It is about the sustainability of the role we are trying to create, so offering pay seems the right way. Concern that we are not ready to approve these specific people. How does board become familiar with couple’s track record? Mike got quarterly stipend and incentive portion whereby IJA got x dollars in profit and after that director shares in profits. No bonus as too few people. Big concern with couple’s previous directorship was lack of communication. No final report given. Took months to get P&L. Need to communicate with couple and also set some ground rules. Whenever we agree stipend we need tough, clear contract stating expectations.
Vote: Lloyd, Kyle, Jared, Nathan opposed. Motion defeated.

C. Motion to approve a $5,000 stipend for the 2014 IJA festival director.
Moved: Kyle
Second: Lloyd
Vote: approved unanimously.

6. Varia

A. iiWii Discussion
Kelly to be in touch with iiWii and express positive view of festival.

B. Plan to proceed with choosing fest director. Lloyd will look at history and come up with questions for interview of couple. Jared will lead in advertising position and stipend. Have them come into meeting by phone after @30 minutes.

7. Next Meeting
Next future planning BoD, 5:30 pm PST Sunday September 8th.
Next regular BoD meeting will be held at 5:30 pm PST on Sunday, September 22.

8. Adjournment
Motion: Kyle
Voting: Motion passes unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 7pm PST.

Board Meeting – August 4, 2013

Agenda 8/4/2013

Planning Board Meeting August 4, 2013
5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

Start the Recording

1. Call to Order
Chair Erin Stephens called the meeting to order at 5:34pm PST.

2. Roll
Jared Davis, Kyle Johnson, Scott Krause, Erin Stephens, Lloyd Timberlake, Nathan Wakefield, Noel Yee (all present)

3. Approval of Agenda

Scott moved to approve the agenda for August 04, 2013.
Second by: Lloyd
Discussion: Scott not ready for full budget discussion.
Vote: Approved unanimously.

Discussion Topics

New board training – led by Erin

  • What does it mean to be an IJA board member? We are a working board (the staff) rather than an advisory board.

  • Board member expectations. Being a “working board member” means higher time commitments. Scott taking on many more hours due to being treasurer. Otherwise 6-9 hours per month, says Scott. Board has to be ready to jump into projects as they arise, creating a roller-coaster effect.

  • Board member legalities. Many boards have Codes of Ethics. Erin to e-mail the one she read from. Look at by-laws, which will be e-mailed. Discussed process of business meetings. We approve and vote on minutes each month. These go on the website. To make a motion, e-mail it to Erin to get on agenda. Then motion is made, seconded and discussed during meeting. Motions may be amended. Then they are voted on.

  • Each new board member – how do you see yourself working on the board? What strengths do you think you bring to the board?  Kyle wants to work on website, wants to get different jugglers and props to festival and make performances more diverse. Noel is good at connecting people to get different tasks done. Wants to work with EJA to improve aspects of IJA. Also wants to bring in new props, as has experience running other festivals. Jared has thought of being festival director for about 10 years. Teaches phys-ed to kids and wants to do more of that through IJA. IJA spread too thin to achieve excellence, especially the festival.

Assign a returning board member as a “mentor” to each new board member – led by Erin

  • Scott with Jared. Lloyd with Noel. Nathan with Kyle.

  • For the next 6 months, this person will help with the transition for new board members to become comfortable with their new role.  If you have any questions or concerns, or desire to know how to go about specific tasks (such as submitting a “Motion”) – ask your board mentor.

2014 IJA Festival Director – led by Erin

  • Brainstorm ideas and plans of action. Jared: reach out to Purdue juggling club, see if anyone is interested. Jared: we need to plan festivals and directors much more in advance. Erin: BOD wants to get two years ahead in planning festivals. We would like to avoid having a board member direct the festival. Noel: reach out to local juggling clubs in the Purdue region. Noel can do this after the next meeting when he is back in the US. Erin: notice of search for director going out to Facebook and eJuggle. Let’s all look at networks and see if we can find possibles.

  • Warren Hammond has expressed interest and has been asked to submit a letter of interest, preferably by mid-August. He has asked to be paid.

Budget Discussion – led by Scott

  • Review skeleton budget prepared by Dave, which is on the Google drive. Discussion on how to log in or get access to Google docs. Erin will “share” will all, so all can get directly to the docs.

  • Discuss 2013 budget details: hard to tell what some of the categories refer to. Scott will clear up.

IJA Officer Positions – led by Erin

  • List of current Officer Positions. Erin has put out a call for expressions of interest. Added video coordinator. Also added graphics coordinator. Will talk to Martin about letter to past officers to see if they are willing to continue. Others may also express interest. This will be discussed at next meeting. Discussion on how to fill unfilled positions.

  • Discussion about potential new officer positions.

  • Promotion plan through the next 2 weeks.

  • Plan for having Martin reach out to current officers.

  • Invite specific individuals you think would be good for the job.

Website Discussion – led by Scott

  • What has been done so far? Scott has listed requirements that IJA needs for a website. Got a little feedback, needs more from BOD. This did not get done by festival. Kyle asked to help narrow down possibilities. Need a better interface for everyone. We can customize templates to our liking. Yet templates are limited. We do not have a budget. Scott hopes to find option under $3,000. But compare to costs of magazine. Also, sleek, professional and money costs money. Need to balance sleekness with functionality.

  • Timeline – Hopes to have options by September BOD meeting. Noel did websites with the functionality we are talking about (

  • What needs to happen next, and how can other board members help with the process?

  • Leads for Web-designers
    (Erin has 3 leads – 1 from US, 1 from Mexico, and 1 from Canada) These people say they can manage back-end issues.

Discuss the goal of these planning meetings, lay out a timeline – led by Erin

  • Strategic Plan

    • Vision Statement

    • Goals and Objectives

    • Who and When

  • Program planning

    • What programs are meeting the IJA’s mission, what programs are not?

    • Where should we be putting our energy

Confirm August 18th, 8:30pm EST for next board meeting.

Scott made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:38pm PST.
Discussion: none
Vote: unanimous

Board Meeting – July 19, 2013

IJA BoD Meeting Notes 7/19/13 – 11am (In-board)

Roll call: Present: Lloyd Timberlake, Erin Stephens, Don Lewis, Scott Krause, Veronique Provencher (Turbo 418), Nathan Wakefield, Dave Pawson, Mike Sullivan (note-taker), Kyle Johnson (via Skype)

Meeting called to order 11:23 am ET by Dave Pawson (acting chairman)

Election of the new chair: must be one of the four prior board members still on the board; Dave explains process; Scott makes a motion to nominate Erin, seconded by Lloyd; Erin accepts; Erin is the only nominated candidate. Motion passes unanimously, Erin Stephens elected Board Chair.

Erin (as chair) takes over meeting from Dave.

Reports: FUTURE FEST (Mike) — see attached

Board advises Mike to continue seeking campus venues, as the feedback and experiences here at BGSU this week has been positive. Kyle also recommends seeking out fairgrounds for potential venues.

Veronique Provencher – Turbo 2015 Quebec City; shows photos of Quebec Circus School interiors, other space options, including two big tops outside the QCS and one or two at a nearby park along the river. 3rd Avenue commercial district, dozens of restaurants of all kinds, all within a 5-minute walk of QCS. Downtown business association is an official sponsor for QCS and is ready to sponsor and help IJA/Turbo by closing street for performances, etc. Renegade show is held in the QCS, audiences on floor sitting in a circle with a live band. Sleeping space on lower level of the gym will not work for IJA/Turbo due to length of stay and number of jugglers, but nearby hotel/hostels. Over 300 hotel/hostel rooms within a 15-minute walk.

Mike explains that in the post-9/11 travel world, all US visitors to Canada will need a US passport to be admitted to Canada. A US passport costs $130 presently and takes 2 months to obtain if there are no issues, much longer if there are. This is a concern for all US visitors who do not or will not have a US passport and will impact attendance. Dave and Scott mention that vendors will also be an issue for Canada. Scott said that Air Traffic told him straight up that if IJA goes to Canada for 2015, he will not exhibit. This may be true of many other vendors as well. These things should be taken into account by the Board as plans proceed.

PROPOSED DATES for IJA/Turbo 2015: July 20-25, 2015; EJC dates are unknown for 2015 at this date (Berlin); IJA 2014 does not conflict with 2014 EJC (EJC 2014 is July 19-27, 2014 — IJA is July 28 – August 3, 2014).

Staffing: Veronique Provencher would be festival director and would be paid from a grant from the province/city. She hopes that she will get a grant to have 1-2 interns paid to help her. Vero is paid a salary now by Turbo 418 until next Spring.

Motions: motion to approve all current volunteers on a pro tem basis during which time, during which all positions will be open to letters of interest until the next month’s board meeting. Motion made by Scott, seconded by Lloyd. Discussion: Martin is asked to contact all current volunteers to confirm whether they wish to continue; can also open ideas for new positions to be created, like volunteer coordinator.

Vote: none opposed, no abstentions, motion passes unanimously.

Varia: Scott – Bank of America; frustrations with BofA, have tried to get account x-ferred out of Kim’s name and into Scotts name; Scott is not an authorized signer, which is a problem. Scott urges us to move away from BofA. Scott will research and report for next month’s meeting.

Discussion about iiWii: Erin got a message from iiWii when she landed at fest; she reached out to iiWii asking for better contact; iiWii is very frustrated with Board and actions; this will be the last money iiWii will give IJA; Erin told iiWii they tried on many accounts to contact iiWii, and that the Fund Fun went above and beyond in trying to meet the rules and requirements outlined by iiWii. Only iiWii money for the future will go to IJA fund only – to be used for the future, not Fun Fund, YEP, festival, etc., $50k per year.

Lloyd suggests we prepare a report for iiWii telling all about the good things going on, what the money is going for, etc.

Mike suggests moving to an attorney as iiWii’s contact conduit, preserves the anonymity of the donor and protects their privacy with attorney-client privilege.

Erin reports that every board member that was present when iiWii gave the donation, is now off the board. Should the Fun Fund continue, she believes we need to get clear written expectations from iiWii, so we know how best to meet them.  Erin also brought up the fact that the Fun Fund is full of valued and hard working volunteers, and we need to make sure they are treated respectfully in this process as well.

Scott: IJA is now stand-alone, festival is stand-alone, Fun Fund is stand-alone; IJA is now financially sound and would not fail if donor funding stopped.

Scott brought up the idea of taking the iiWii donation asset off the books, as it is not a donation we officially have in hand. It was set up as a bad debt originally, so removing it does not hurt the IJA’s finances.

Action items: do the report, get the report to iiWii, Erin will talk to Jek Kelly to help build communications.  Scott will also  research potential investments for the portion of money going towards future of the IJA.

Fest director 2014: Need to solicit interest as soon as possible. Thom is still the PR director, maybe he can put out the word on Facebook and eJuggle; Martin can also send out a special newsletter/notice to all members.

Next Board Meeting date: Erin suggests holding 2x meetings/month; one regular BoD conference call; another one, less formal, just for vision planning, non-business strategy, planning, check-ins, etc. 1st Sunday night of the month for informal meeting.

Erin proposes informal meeting for Sunday August 4th, 8:30pm ET; next BoD meeting date will be set then. Tentative date for regular BoD is 8:30pm 8/18, Sunday.

Motion to adjourn: Scott; motion passes with no discussion. Adjourned 12:33pm ET.