Board Meeting – September 22, 2013

Business Board Meeting September 22, 2013
5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

 Start the Recording – 5:33 pm PST.

1. Call to Order
Chair Erin Stephens called the meeting to order at 5:34 pm PST.

2. Roll
Present: Erin Stephens (chair), Nathan Wakefield, Scott Krause, Kyle Johnson, Jared Davis, Noel Yee, Mike Sullivan, Martin Frost, Cody Fiereck
Absent: Lloyd Timberlake, Kim Laird (2013 Fest Director), Sandy Brown

3. Approval of Agenda
Kyle Johnson moved to approve the agenda for September 22, 2013.
Second by: Noel Yee
Discussion: Motion D – Approving 2014 fest director has two options, which will be discussed when we arrive.
Vote: Passed unanimously

Approval of Minutes:

August 4th Minutes
Motion: Kyle Johnson
Second: Noel Yee
Discussion: None
Vote: Passed Unanimously

August 18th Minutes
Motion:  Scott Krause
Second: Nathan Wakefield
Vote: Passed Unanimously

4. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less)

2013 Post Festival Report (Kim Laird)
Kim is unable to make it.  Text of her email is:

I was planning on being at tonight’s meeting but will not be able to make it after all. I just got back from urgent care a little while ago and found out I have strep throat. I don’t have much of a voice so really won’t be able to talk anyway.

I am working on the fest financials with Holly and Scott. I did go back through the BGSU charges which are all right in line with the original agreement. There were some surprise expenses concerning the theater and those happened mostly because of performer needs. The only things I personally took out of the budget were that I comped fest packages for Rob and myself… without Rob I would have never accomplished what I needed to accomplish… and the fee for the 2 golf carts for the week. Those were used to transport performers and items needed from the gym to the theater, etc.

I know performer travel was higher than I anticipated in my original budget but that still doesn’t show, according to my calculations, an almost break-even fest rather than a profit fest. Holly and I just have to get together and find where there are differences in our numbers and reconcile those asap.

Concerning the 2013 fest video, I have received several names of interested parties. They will all receive a copy of the 2011 DVD in the next few weeks and will then submit their bids on completing the 2013 fest video. I will submit all bids to the board when they are received. The plan is that all bids be received one week prior to your next board meeting.

Discussion:  Kim, Scott, and Holly will talk about it this week.

Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)

Discussion:  Next few days will tell about Quebec City for 2015.  Concern areas may prevent us from going.  We may have to find alternate/primary site for 2015.  Other top prospect sites are in the report.  Mike will upload 2015 festival proposal to the google docs.  Total costs could be up to $71,000.  Some rental costs have first come up in the past few weeks – rental costs for the circus school.  There just aren’t many theaters near the circus school.  Will put that information into folder called “Turbo Proposal.”

It would be a loss to the IJA if we couldn’t go to Turbo location in 2015.  Other venues are very expensive.  They only have 3 months of tourist season, which includes the time of the IJA fest.  I’d like to continue thinking about.

Is it big enough anyway?  Turbo has 200, and seemed full then.  That’s why there was discussion on more space rental.  Gym rentals and circus tents are rather expensive.  For comparison, Purdue is $400/night, while Turbo is ~$5000/night.

Jared is disappointed with quebec info, but feels that the festival needs improvement.  Erin wants to discuss improvement for the fest at the call in 2 weeks.  Revamping requirements sheet for a venue?  Giving guidance on regions for the festival search?  Find director then venue?  Buying a circus tent and being mobile (like EJC)?

Suggestion as potential – Vancouver.

YEP Report (Ellen Winters)
Discussion: Ambitious and awesome.  YEP team may have to buckle down or narrow down.

IRC Report (Erin Stephens)
Discussion: Little new to report.

Website Report (Scott Krause)
Discussion: What’s the timeline?  December is very ambitious.  Can it be met?  Scott’s shooting for it.  What will be met with wordpress?  Hasn’t yet been evaluated.  Next talk with Scott A Monday or Tuesday.

Marketing (Erin Stephens)
Discussion:Erin’s trying to get the word out before we have a festival director.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Discussion: On year ago was when we put out the Wes Peden video, so some may be falling off.

Financial Report (Scott Krause)
Discussion: Need to get a breakdown of what the designated funds are.  What would be the amount of the life member fund if there was no borrowing done in 2011 and 2012 – ~$100,000

5. Motions for Consideration

A. Motion to approve Cody Fierek as the 2014 IJA Festival Director, pending a signed contract between he and the IJA Board Chair.
Motion: Kyle Johnson
Second: Noel Yee
Discussion: Cody made a statement of enthusiasm.  Erin had sent out an initial budget that needs to be modified based on the 2014 site.

Q: Have you been to an IJA convention? – No, but been to Mondo, which is a weekend festival that is structured similarly.  Cody will be partnered with Erin, Kyle, and maybe local people.

Q: Is this a volunteer position?  No – board voted to pay a $5000 stipend.

Q: Where located?  Minneappolis, MN.

Organized others?  Other festivals, yes, and was in charge of organizing Kinetic Fire, with 450 total attendees

How long is that?  Thursday to Sunday.  Worked with team of people, where he was the primary director.  Key is to have someone in charge, with a great team.

What’s your ability to meet the hours?  Runs a company called Inspire Performance.  Can work on this around his job.  The winter is a slower time, when he has more available time.  Cody just quit his full time job as at Best Buy, so he can focus more on performance world.

Lots of fire jams over the past 4 years and other community events.

Concern – no experience with an IJA.  Don’t be surprised with how much is involved.  Erin talked with him about it.  Links to videos, and DVDs from past fests for him to watch.

Noel supports Cody.  He is a supportive, effective leader.  He’s good at communication and budgeting.  Cody is super organized.

Please clarify availability.  Time when travel is in the Summer, which is when he expects most of planning to be completed.  Cody still feels he has the time to commit to the IJA fest directorship.

Why do you want to do this?  #1 is building the community is key.  He wants to bridge the juggling and spinning worlds.

What do you practice?  Just about everything I can, but I prefer staff.  You have to expand, though, so he likes working on different props.  Balls, Clubs Rings….

Need to be sure about costs and how much it is going to impact the costs.  $5000 is bare bones, and we should think about how important it is to think about the money when discussing the position.  In the past, there has been comped packages and flights, etc, but we need to be comfortable with how its going to be handled.

Cody would be a good person to have because he brings in a different perspective to the IJA.  He has a fresh perspective, and can help reevaluate what is important to the IJA members.

Do you have any ideas for things to add/change at the fest?  New events, new things?  Nothing right now, but reviewing past fest information may help that one.  Would probably be a good thing to discuss with a steering committee.

Erin has been looking at people from last year, and is going to pass on continuing volunteers to new fest director as a launching point.

Kyle is on board with helping the new fest director.

Board must approve the budget prior to implementation.

“Signed contract” in motion = ???.  Lloyd created a contract for us to use.  Includes payment options, responsibilities, etc.

What’s the timeline for getting the contract, voting, negotiation, and contract?  – Timeline estimate – within the week.

Vote: Passed Unanimously

Please send cody’s information to David Landowne to update the web site.

B. Motion to approve funding a site visit for the 2014 IJA Festival Director, not to exceed $600.
Motion: Scott Krause
Second: Jared Davis
Discussion: Initial pricing done by Erin.  Includes stipend for food.  To be included in festival budget for 2014.  Cody will have to schedule the visit with the site coordinator.  Noel would like to attend the site visit, if possible.  Scott would like to visit, as well.
Vote: Passed Unanimously

C. Motion to approve the following people for the following Officer Positions for the 2013-2014 term:


David Landowne

Communications Director

Martin Frost

Future Festival Site Coordinator

Mike Sullivan

Membership Coordinator

Marilyn Sullivan

Newsletter Editor

Don Lewis

Store Manager

Heather Marriott

Mexican Representative

Juan Mendez Rosas

Canadian Representative

Mike Moore

Graphic Design Coordinator

Cesar Delgado

Roster Wrangler

Greg Phillips

Affiliates Director

Jim Maxwell

Marketing Director

Kyle Johnson


Scott Krause

Archives Director

Alan Howard

Video Coordinator

Nathan Wakefield

Volunteer Coordinator

Warren Hammond

Motion: Kyle Johnson
Second: Noel Yee
Discussion: Should we remove Thom Wall’s name for Newsletter coordinator?

Kyle Johnson – Amendment to the motion: The newsletter editor is Don Lewis, removing Thom Wall’s name.
Will not combine with next motion, because there are more than one people to consider for European Rep.
Nathan asked about Ross D. for graphic design.  He did not have the time for that right now, so declined nomination.
Vote: Passed Unanimously

D. Motion to approve Rinus Samyn as 2014 European Rep.
Motion:  Noel Yee
Second: Kyle Johnson
Discussion:Noel strongly supports Rinus. Application sounds very good.  He’s active in the EJC and has a lot of contacts.
Vote: Passed Unanimously

6. Varia

A. Discuss idea and details for 4-6 month Constant Contact trial period.
Discussion: Recap of the discussions on boardplus.  Please continue to give input on the boardplus boards.

7. Next Meeting
Next future planning BoD, will be held at 5:30 pm PST on Oct 6, 2013.
Next business BoD meeting will be held at 5:30 pm PST on Oct. 27, 2013.

8. Adjournment
Motion: Noel Yee
Voting: Passed Unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm PST.

Board Meeting – September 08, 2013

Agenda 9/8/2013
Planning Board Meeting September 8, 2013
5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

1. Call to Order
Chairwoman, Erin Stephens, called the meeting to order at __5:36_pm PST.

2. Roll
Present: Jared, Scott, Erin, Lloyd, Nathan, Noel, Kyle

3. Discussions

  • Festival Director Discussion: discussion of Erin’s talk with Katje. Festival lost @ $7,000 but West Ciast fests always lose money. Katje felt she worked closely with the board. She ran Fest according to her regional fest experience. She was asked to run the next year’s Fest. Erin, Kyle, Noel all going to Europe fest. Do we hire Fest director and have the board shadow that person? Suggestion that we advertise to members and have a cut-off date. Could we escalate and say that $5,000 is being offered? But we only have nine months less. Do we take Katje and set up a series of controls? Katje has Fest-running experience and must have learned from it. There should be penalties for lack of communication and $3,000 is held back until final financial reporting. Can we think of training her for future Fests? Erin is interested in directing 2017 fest. Spread word among Purdue students that payment might be available. Noel says fests can be run from a distance, given local backup. Kim did this re Bowling Green. It would be good to have backup for Katje. We still need some sort of board interview process. We do not know why she needed more money. Kim has been asked to create a Fest Director manual.

  • Jared would like to do a conf. call with Erin and Kim to talk about fest director duties.

  • Newsletter/Communications Director Discussion: there has been discussion of going to Constant Contact for the newsletter. Need to track stats on our newsletter. Thom created a template and said he would be happy to do comms role and newsletter. He wanted to talk about compensation. Board elders generally felt compensation was out of the question. Let’s see if we can get Thom to suggest a level of compensation. We do need to have one source of information for the members. Several agree. We’ll have website coordinating with eJuggle. Should we not move forward with compensation, we could bring in marketing director to help with the transition. Constant Contact is about $40 a month. Scott would pay this out of his budget.

  • Website Discussion – Scott: Talked to Scott A’Hearn who is willing to help with website, advise on cheaper options. Some of these are supported by communities and not companies. Looking at three possibilities: Synergy Web Platform, ESX Inc, Wild Apricot (but does not have integrated store options). These match requirements. And there are three others without store modules. Will look at Word Press to see if it can be configured to match requirements. A’Hearn had submitted to be webmaster and Erin thought he would be better on web team. Scott and A’Hearn are moving ahead on this. They are meeting ahead of board meetings with conference call. Goal is to have something up by Dec 1. A’Hearn concerned with migrating data. Could use Word Press as front end with other back end. Noel will show the web site he uses and be on call. Scott will send out invitation to call. Kyle can also be on call.

  • IJA Programs – Discussion and Planning, moving toward strategic plan

    • YEP – Youth Education Program: Erin was left to lead it and brought others in. Ellen Winters has taken leadership role. There are 36 trained YEP reps. $5000 a year has been going to it. It is planned to offer future courses at future fests.  Goal is to manage what we have. But also want to get certification on line to make it more international. Goals are to certify and support, not to direct. Can we integrate YEP with these non-profit circuses that are beginning to travel more?

    • IJA Regional Competitions: started three years ago. Done two in Mexico, one in Peru and one in Brazil. Helps us go international without costing much. We have spread word on Latin American juggling scene. Shift prize from trip to IJA, as this too complex. Cash prize, medal, article in eJuggle? Interest is growing. Can we have more in different regions, feeding in to main competition? Would help IJA be more international. Could do small regions of big continents, like Africa. Which are ready now and which are longer term prospects? Could region help name its trophy, perhaps after part of the community?

    • World Juggling Day: Long history, but biggest int’l participation this year, 47 countries, and Ripley connection. They want to continue. Can we find someone else to run WJD?

    • Video Tutorial Contest: Thom Wall runs, bigger and better than ever. Prop companies participating more. Thom will continue.

    • Props 2 U: Erin created when she got on board. Today more than 5,000 props donated to different companies.

    • Affiliates Program:: Lloyd expressed interest. Noel would be happy to help but is not sure how. What benefits can be offered? Would enhance our overall image. Have tables at regional festivals.

    • Mentorship Program: Started by Steven Ragatz, who is not too involved with it now. This may be an add-on that we do not have the bandwidth to focus on now.  We are spread too thin. Lots of agreement. IJA is turning into more of an international non-profit helping jugglers. What is important: the Fest, doing a lot of things? Let’s take small steps in completing, progressing some of these programs.

  • Officer Update: Erin will put all letters of interest in Google drive and make list of officers and volunteers. One for each slot except Euro rep.

  • Membership Cards – Kyle: Have the option to ask for membership card. We need to update cards so they do not look so old. Graphic designer can do this. Each new members gets card automatically. Marilyn prints them out. This is inexpensive treat for members, a good investment. Would cost @ $1,000 a year. Or we could update graphic and still have people print their own. But then we have had a paperless IJA goal.

4. Confirm Sept. 22, 5:30pm PST for next board meeting. Reports need to be five minutes or less.

5. Adjourn
____Kyle____ made the motion to adjourn the meeting at unanimous 7:08 pm PST.
Vote: Unanimous