IJA Annual General Meeting Minutes – July 30th, 2014

2014 IJA Annual General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday July 30th 2014

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Meeting called to order in the main gym at 3:06 EDT by Erin

Stephens, Board Chairman

Motion to move meeting into the Feature Gym : Martin Frost

Motion seconded : Nathan Wakefield

Meeting moved and continued in the Feature Gym

Current Board Members present : Erin Stephens, Lloyd Timberlake,

Noel Yee, Nathan Wakefield

Current Board Members absent : Scott Krause, Kyle Johnson, Jared


Parliamentarian present : Ed Fraser

Agenda approved with the addition of the introduction of the

candidates running for the Board of Directors


2014 IJA Festival Report : Cody Fiereck

Cody thanked all those who help him with getting things ready

for this festival. We had 276 pre-registered for the festival bringing in about

$39,500. So far by meeting time there has been about an additional

$11,500 brought in on site with more to come. We expect there to be about

$60,000 total in festival expenses. The Welcome Show had about 400

attendees, larger than normal number likely due to professionally produced

ads (25 showings). Problems putting together the festival include the

frequent changing over of the Purdue staff assigned to working with Cody

and the IJA and the change in policy of not letting kids stay in the dorms.

Marketing : Erin Stephens

The IJA continues to have more exposure on social media

platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

IRC : Erin Stephens

The IJA held its third competition in Mexico. There are plans for

additional competitions in Central and South America. There is interest

from other countries such as Australia, Japan and Israel. This year we had

our first IRC winner from Mexico attend the IJA Festival. The IJA had a

presence at the EJA for the first time in many years.

eJuggle : Nathan Wakefield

Since 2012 we’ve had 435 postings to our eJuggle online

magazine. Among these postings are articles, challenges, podcasts and

videos. In addition to public videos, our-members only content includes

videos from Jay Gilligan, Tony Pezzo, Wes Peden and most recently the

Alan Jacobs club swinging video.

Youth Juggling Academy : Erin Stephens

Ellen Winters has devised a system of achievement badges for

young jugglers. Artwork for the badges were created by Louie Skaradek.

World Juggling Day : Erin Stephens

We had the most number of events in the most number of

countries ever.

Video Tutorial Contests : Thom Wall

So far, we have had 260+ instructional videos produced from

this contest. Thom plans to coordinate another month-long submission

contest in September.

Future Festivals : Mike Sullivan

Our plans are to go to Quebec City in 2015. By the

end of August we expect to have an agreement to go to El Paso, TX in

2016. A couple of 2017 prospects are Athens, GA and Dubuque, IA. Mike

Sullivan plans to attend a reverse trade show to search out more


AMS Website : Mike Sullivan

The IJA is moving forward with a conversion to an AMS

(Associated Management System). We are now fully funded for three

years, thanks to a new anonymous donor.

Affiliates Program : Lloyd Timberlake

Jim Maxwell has been going over old data and checking for all

the active affiliate clubs. The IJA is considering exploring ways to help

affiliates with insurance and 503(c) status.

Membership : Nathan Wakefield

The past few years has shown a steady drop in membership

and maybe we should consider that our membership model is changing.

Our hopes to increase membership in Latin American countries have been

stymied by their inability to use PayPal, which is the only online method we

currently have for payment.

Bookkeeper : Lloyd Timberlake

The IJA is getting a new bookkeeper. After a candidate search,

Dennis Marson (sp?), a vastly experience bookkeeper was selected.

iiWii : Erin Stephens

Starting this year, all of the money coming from our anonymous

donor iiWii will be going into savings.

Candidates for the Board :

Warren Hammond and Nathan Wakefield were able to

introduce themselves to the meeting attendees. Erin gave a brief bio for

Louie Skaradek and Lucho Fernandez who were unable to attend the


IJA 2015 Festival : Noel Yee

Noel was able to do a site visit of the 2015 IJA Festival while

attending Turbofest this year. The festival will be held at the Quebec City

Circus School in conjunction with a local community college.

Executive Director : Lloyd Timberlake

The BOD have been discussing the possibility of hiring a part-
time Executive Director for the purposes of administration and grant writing.

Open Discussion :

One member reminded the board about the continuation of

organizing and digitizing the IJA Archives.

Meeting adjourned 4:55 EDT

Recording Secretary : Steve Rahn