Board Meeting July 23, 2015

At the 2015 Festival

  1. Call to Order
    Meeting is called to order at: 1:25 EST.
  2. Roll
    Present: Nathan Wakefield, Warren Hammond, Noel Yee, Shivella Schwab
    Absent: Bob Nueman, Louie Saradek, Mavin Ong
  3. Approval of Agenda
    Motion: Warren
    Second by: Noel
    Discussion: Straightforward.
    Vote: Passes unanimously.
  4. Motions for Consideration
    A. Motion to approve a chairperson for the 2015-2016 term.
    Motion: Warren
    Second: Shivella
    Discussion: Explained who is eligible.
    Vote: Passes unanimously.

    B. Motion to nominate Nathan Wakefield to as Chair.

Motion: Warren

Second: Noel

Discussion: Nathan accepts to continue his role as IJA Chairman. Discussion about board terms and who would be interested and eligible for next year. Discussion about meeting for a meal to discuss the organization at the festival.

Vote: Passes unanimously.

C. Motion for a proterm extension on IJA Officer positions.
Motion: Noel
Second: Warren
Discussion: Nathan shows Shivella the current officers page and explains the set up.
Vote: Motion passes unanimously.

  1. Adjournment
    Motion: Noel
    Decision: Discussion about when the next meeting with be. Nathan will touch base with board members after the festival to set up the best time. Noel suggests not having it at a :30 time.

Vote: Unanimous.

Meeting is adjourned at:1:42pm.