July 18, 2012

Regular Board Meeting July 18, 2012
@ 11:40 Eastern Time…
Winston-Salem, NC
1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Kim Laird called the meeting to order at 11:44 p.m. EST.
2. ROLL: 
Present: Kim Laird (Chair), Kevin Axtell, Matt Hall (joined late), Richard Kennison, Dave Pawson, Thom Wall, Erin StephensA, Mike Sullivan (Future fest director, 2011 fest director)
Absent: Martin Frost (communications director), Sandy Brown (recording secretary)

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Erin Stephens moved to approve the agenda for July 18 2012. Second by Richard Kennison-. Vote: Approved Unanimously
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Kevin Axtell moved to approve the minutes from June 20, 2012. Second by Erin Stephens. Vote: Approved… Thom Wall abstained.


A. Motion to approve Jimmie Nickell as the Parliamentarian for the 2012 AGM.
Motion: Kevin Axtell
Second: Dave Pawson
Discussion: Thank you!
Vote: Approved Unanimously

B. Motion to approve the IRC – Chile proposal, to host an IJA Regional Competition at the 14th annual Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte in Peñaflor, Chile – to be held October 18, 2012. (appendix A)
Motion: Kevin Axtell
Second: Richard Kennison
Discussion: Does not commit money from the IJA. May pass the hat during the fest to offer prize money. IJA will supply trophy/medal.
Vote: Approved Unanimously

C. Motion to approve the IRC – Brazil proposal, to host an IJA Regional Competition at the 14th annual Conveção Brasileira de Malabares a Circo in São João del Rey, Brazil – to be held Friday, November 16th, 2012. (appendix B)
Motion: Thom Wall
Second: Kevin Axtell
Vote: Approved Unanimously

D. Motion to approve 2013 Festival Director.

Motion: Kevin Axtell
Second: Richard Kennison
Amended: Motion to approve Kim Laird as 2013 Festival Director.
Vote: Approved… Matt Hall abstains

6. VARIA: none
7. NEXT MEETING: Next regular BOD meeting will be held at the fest on July 19, 2012 at 9am eastern time.

8. ADJOURNMENT:   Erin Stephens moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Richard Kennison. Meeting adjourned at 11:58am eastern time.

Appendix A…
IRC Chile

Who is organizing? The organizer of the convention is “CircoChile”. It’s a group of 10 persons, the representer of the most important circus schools in Chile.

How many people do you expect to attend? The last year we had 1300 persons, this year we will have a limit of 1000 persons.

Where is the festival? It’s in a Little town, 50 kilometers of Santiago.

What type of stage will you provide for the competition (circus tent with stage/lights)? Big circus tent for 1000 persons, stage 9 meter of diameter and full lights.

How do you plan to promote the IJA Regional Competition (Facebook, Website, direct e-mail)? Facebook, is the principal promotional stuff in Chile. And we can put all the information in our web site tooHYPERLINK “http://www.circochile.cl/”www.circochile.cl

How many people do you think will compete? (estimate) I think 20 persons, but they will be the best people of Chile.

Are you able to provide prize money? This year I think No…

Are you willing to fulfill the Hosting Festival responsibilities (provide marketing, recruit judges and an emcee, nominate an IRC coordinator…etc.)? Yes, we have all the competition ready.

Close with why you are excited for the IJA competitions to come to Chile. We want that the world knows the high level of juggling we have and we want more artists of north america and Europe comes to the incredible experience of the Chilean convention.

Appendix B…
IRC proposal Brazil
Why is Brazil a good location for this event, geographically?
Brazil is a tropical country with a culture rich in flavours and eccentricities. Our juggling scene here is different of the rest of the world because of our popular culture (music, dance and “capoeira”).
    We still don’t have big circus schools, but the scene is growing up and we already have a lot of creative jugglers spread throught the world.
    We’re also the largest country in south America, and we have great influence here. More or less 25% of our public, at the national convention, is from latin America, outside Brazil.
    Internationalizing the juggling scene here interests us a lot and improve the technical level too. Making an IJA event here would help the juggling scene to grow and to improve here, where juggling is still very discriminated.
Who is organizing this event? What are their roles? Who will maintain contact with the IJA?
Marcelo Castillo, Felipe Cardoso, Antonio Marcos Pires Gil and Cláudio Alberto dos Santos – Organizing the CBMC.
Lucas Gardezani Abduch – Coordinating the IRC.
Does this event have any sponsors? If so, who are they?
Have you allocated prize money into your budget? If so, what numbers will you be able to commit to?
There’s no money or time to try to get money with government cultural projects/incentives.
We’ll realize the convention specially with the money of the inscriptions. We’ll try to get 2,000.00R$ from the main producers of juggling equipment here in Brazil to use as prize for the contest, but we’re not sure yet
The IJA requires that the IRC be the main event one night of the festival. Will this be possible?
Yes! But we have to know as soon as possible if it’s going to happen to organize all our press material and our pre-production.
Does the Host Festival have a theatre booked for this event? What is its capacity? How large is the stage?
There’s no theatre
There are 2 tents and a gym. At least 600 people at the big tent. (Don’ know how large is the stage, right now. (I’m sure it’ll be large enough, we usually have some aerials acts going along with juggling acts, so this won’t be a problem, if you need a precise info I can ask Fernando).
How will the Host Festival promote this event?
Social networks, internet, communication managers all around the country, flyers and posters.
Will the Host Festival be able to provide proof of insurance for this event?
Additional information:
I don’t know if you’re used too conventions organized only with the money of inscriptions.
We had about 600 attendents but 2 years from here the convention started to get smaller, we don’t know why. Now, we’re organizing in a way that will potencialize the Brazilian Convention and the IJA event will be incredibly good for that. We don’t have much time, right now we’re starting to arrange some important details to realize the convention (we’ll open the pre-inscriptions next week) and the printed stuff will be ready up to 20 days. We have to keep a good communication to accord what’s necessary and to assure you that you’ll have the return you’re looking for.
Feel free to contact Foca at HYPERLINK “mailto:cbmcirco@gmail.com”cbmcirco@gmail.com or Felipe Carodos at Skype (only Spanish!) or me (Lucas Gardezani Abduch – luabduch16@gmail.com) if there’s

August 29, 2012

When: Wednesday, August 1st, 5:30pm pacific time
Dial-In: 1(800)977-8002
International Dial-In/Atlanta area direct dial: 1(404)920-6650
Participant Conference Code: 189209

1. Call to Order: Chair Dave Pawson called the meeting to order at _5:32_ p.m. EST.

2. Roll:
Dave Pawson (chair), Kim Laird, Thom Wall, Erin Stephens, Scott Krause, Nathan Wakefield, Lloyd Timberlake, Martin Frost (communications director) (absent), Sandy Brown (recording secretary) (absent)

3. Approval of Agenda: __Thom Wall___ moved to approve the agenda for August 1st, 2012. Seconded by _Scott Krause___.
Vote: Unanimous approval

4. Planning discussion

Our goal is to keep the meeting as close to an hour in length as possible. Please be familiar with the materials below, and come ready to ask questions and discuss.

A. Review the list of existing roles:
Chair of the Board – Dave, Kim
Member of the Board –
Secretary –
Membership Director – Kim
Treasurer – Scott (Kim to provide Scott with description)
Webmaster – Thom (has description)
Bookkeeper – Scott (Kim to provide Scott with Holly’s contract)
Chief Teller – Kim
Store Manager –   Erin
Store Distributor – Thom (has description)
eNewsletter Editor – Lloyd
Affiliates Director – Lloyd
Marketing Director – Thom (with help from Erin)
Communications Director – Erin
DVD/Magazine Distributor – Is actually the Store Distributor
Archives Director – Kim
Assistant Archives Director – Not active for years
European Representative – Erin
eJuggle Editor – Dave
Canadian Representative – Erin
Mentor Program Liaison – Erin
Video Coordinator – Kim
Festival Director – Kim
Future Festival Site Coordinator – Kim

Which of these are no longer necessary? Who can we tag to more specifically define each of them?

B. Defining the role of a board member
Who would like to write this up? Discussion of what it really means. In particular, Erin has asked the following very important questions:
– What time commitment is expected of a board member?
Specifying a time isn’t as useful as noting that it is a working board, and setting expectations that members will be running one or more projects at any given time, which will have differing time commitments, and may lead to seasonal spikes in activity.

– What communications expectations are required of a board member?
Written report per board meeting on all active projects
Participate in message board discussion. Daily if at all possible.
Try to respond to board member calls or e-mails within 48 hours
Notes published – can we get them to the eZine?

– Attendance of board meetings is expected

– With Kim’s help, I’ll help define the chair position on top of the board member definition

C. Discussing new positions which seem useful
This might include such things as:
– Volunteer coordinator – Dave (will talk to Thom)
– International Liaison – Erin
– Website/eJuggle Board Liaison – Dave
– Fundraising Chair – Lloyd
– Education coordinator – Erin

D. Review the current list of known projects
This list can be seen here:
All board members should be at least have passing familiarity with what we’re doing, and anyone tagged as the owner of a project should confirm their ownership.

E. Prioritize projects that currently have no owner
While doing so, figure out if our new board members see projects they’d like to adopt
Dave to talk to Scott about membership drive
Dave to talk to Nathan about eJuggle stuff

F. Define responsibilities of a project owner
In particular, reporting/written/documentation responsibilities to keep the board appraised and help other individuals who might later work on such a project.

Motion: Scott moved, Erin seconded
Voting: Motion is passed unanimously

Nathan will review old motions to see if any should have expired

5. Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be our regularly scheduled monthly board meeting on August 22nd, 2012 at 5:30pm pacific time.

6. Adjournment: _Thom____ moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by _____. Meeting adjourned at _6:34pm_ pacific time unanimously

June 20, 2012

Regular Board Meeting June 20, 2012

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Kim Laird called the meeting to order at 8:32 p.m. EST.

2. ROLL:
Present: Kim Laird (Chair), Kevin Axtell, Matt Hall, Richard Kennison, Dave Pawson, Thom Wall, Mike Sullivan (Future fest director, 2011 fest director), Marilyn Sullivan, Martin Frost (communications director), Sandy Brown (recording secretary); plus guests Lloyd Timberlake, Nathan Wakefield, Scott Krause, and Cameron McEwen.

Absent: Erin Stephens
3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Thom moved to approve the agenda for June 20, 2012. Second by Kevin. Vote: Motion passes unanimously.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Kevin moved to approve the minutes from May 16, 2012. Second by Thom. Vote: Motion passes unanimously.

2012 Fest (Matt Hall & Mike Sullivan as registrar)

2012 Festival Registration Report

June 19, 2012


Fer Sumano will not be attending festival due to back injury.


We are 10 days from the end of pre-registration and 27 days until the start of the festival.


As of tonight, 2012 festival registrations are as follows:


176 Adult packages

84 Youth/Senior packages

19 Pavel workshops

29 Adult gym passes

6 Youth/Senior gym passes

79 spectator passes

32 joggling entries

10 vendor orders


Only 70% of the hotel rooms are filled. Warren Hammond is working on finding MCs for the shows. Jugheads may MC Jr. Championships. So far there is no Cascade of Stars Director. Matt and Jim Maxwell may direct. Crash is working on the t-shirts. ‘Volunteer’ may be printed on some of the t-shirts. Keith Nelson, Slammin’, and Mark Hayworth are confirmed for Renegade. There are no funds for volunteer gifts. The festival program and workshop schedule to be non-glossy paper, black and white, probably done at Kinkos. Pavel’s workshop is filling up. Numbers for competitors are up.



Festival Workshops: (Dave Pawson)

There are currently 52 workshops in the tentative schedule. There are a few more trickling in, and notably there are not yet workshops from our paid guests. While this is a lower number than the past few years, I’m actually really pleased with how the schedule is playing out:

– There are no workshops scheduled at noon. I wanted to leave people a break in the day when attendees could eat without fear of missing anything. I’ve since been told that dining options in Winston-Salem can be a bit distant from the fest, so this choice may be particularly prudent.

– There are only a few workshops that conflict with any of the Games, Planting the Juggling Seed, Joggling, Numbers Championships, the Business Meeting, or Xtreme Juggling. Anything that is now running in parallel with those events are doing so being they explicitly asked to run at a particular time.

– Monday is quite vacant, with only two introductory workshops late in the day.

– For most of the rest of the week, there are either 2 or 3 workshops in every hour slot. Enough to give a choice, not so many that people will constantly have conflicts

– We have a nice mix of difficulties, and a healthy sprinkle of discussion or non-juggling workshops. I have a few minor holes that I’m actively chasing to fill.


This came together really quickly, and for the most part I’m feeling pretty good about the state of this project.


Future Festivals (Mike Sullivan)

We have contracts for:

2013: Bowling Green

2014: Winston-Salem: Board wants to cancel this site for 2014. WS wants us to come back in 2015. We are falling below the threshold where we are attractive to a city because our numbers are so low. Thom: we need to collaborate with other US juggling festivals. We need to look at other models and we need to do it soon, otherwise we close the door on festival site opportunities.

Financial (Holly Greeley)

Nothing received from Holly for this meeting. Board members do not need Board approval to review the complete books.

Website Team (David Landowne, Martin Frost, Mike Sullivan, Erin Stevens)…

AMS Project update and updated pricing pdf attached to board email.

All reviewed packages would reduce workload for volunteers. They are all web-based administration systems which would streamline all operations. Iiwii will fund the project. He wants additional information. All software is provided. Several Board members question if such a system is overkill for the IJA and if we can truly afford it.
Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)…

# members 1181

# total with family 1403

# families 165

# youths 65

# life members 281


# mailings sent on 6/7 – 1009 to US members and 121 to International members.
Education (Kevin Axtell/Erin Stephens)
Marketing/Promotions (Thom Wall)

VTC Spreadsheet attached to board email. Budget shows money made and money spend and actual sticker cost of program. $356 was made. Such a budget is valuable and used by grant writers. Over 3,000 people now visit the IJA Facebook page. Fewer than half of these people live in the US. One quarter to one fifth of viewers are Spanish speaking.


A. Motion to approve the policy that prior to each board meeting, the bookkeeper and/or treasurer will provide the board with an accounting of all payments made in the previous month, and all payments to be made in the upcoming month, to be presented for board approval. Unforeseen or ad hoc expenses can be managed during the month via majority vote on the mailing list. On a one time basis, the board will receive an accounting of all payments made year-to-date.

Motion: Dave

Second: Richard

Discussion: This should probably be the bookkeeper’s duty, someone who is on the bankroll, rather than the volunteer treasurer position. During the fest, payouts become more complicated. Holly can generate payout notes on Quickbooks.


Amendment: Motion to approve the policy that prior to each board meeting, the bookkeeper and/or treasurer will provide the board with an accounting of all payments made in the previous month, and all payments to be made in the upcoming month, to be presented for board approval. Unforeseen or ad hoc expenses can be managed during the month via majority vote on the mailing list. If a Board majority has not been obtained within 24 hours, the Chair can, at their discretion, approve payment. The Chair can not override Board majority.


Vote: Motion passes unanimously


B. Motion to approve either on demand or fulfillment contracts for 2011 fest DVDs through Acutrak. (pdfs attached to board email)

Motion: Kevin

Second: Dave

Discussion: ‘on demand’ means that when a person orders a dvd it is replicated and then it’s shipped out. ‘Fulfillment’ means we tell the company to replicate, for example, 300 dvds sets, they store it, and then they ship it out. On demand seems to be what is best for the IJA.


Amend the motion to read:

Motion to approve an ‘on demand’ contract for 2011 fest DVDs through Acutrak. (pdfs attached to board email)

Motion: Thom

Second: Matt

Vote: Motion passes unanimously


C. Motion to approve resignation of John Nikkel as IJA Treasurer with the board’s thanks for his time and energy. and to approve________ as treasurer for festival purposes.

Motion: Dave

Second: Kevin

Discussion: Someone needs to be appointed to handle financial tasks for fest purposes. Duties of this person at the fest: oversee cash register, make sure money counted correctly at end of day and it matches the receipts, and then deposited. This is usually done by someone at the registration table.


Amended motion: Motion to approve resignation of John Nikkel as IJA Treasurer with the board’s thanks for his time and energy.


Motion to amend the motion: Kevin

Second: Dave


Vote: Motion passes unanimously


D. Motion to approve award recipients for 2012 as follows:


Jay Ko: Extraordinary Service Award


Freddy Kenton: Historical Achievement


Richard Kenneson: Education Award


Martin Frost: Honorary Life Member



Motion: Matt

Second: Kevin



Vote: Motion passes unanimously


E. Motion to approve the allocation of a dedicated LREC ad unit on the eJuggle front page, to be used for compensatory advertising in the vendor discount program.


Explanation: In return for the vendors providing discounts to our members, we’d be providing them advertising on the eJuggle front page. We’d be allocating an LREC; this is a standard ad unit, 300×250 pixels. Scott Seltzer and I settled on placing such an ad unit in the right rail, below the IJA News and Projects module and the Log In module, but above the tabbed multifunction module. This ad unit would choose an ad at random from the participating vendors upon each page view.

Motion: Dave

Second: Thom

Discussion: No down side to this.


Vote: Motion passes unanimously


F. Motion to approve the following changes to membership costs. Lower Adult Membership from $40 to $29.99. Lower Youth Membership from $31 to $24.99. Lower Life Membership from $1500 to $1250.


Explanation: Our membership has dropped precipitously. Earlier analysis showed our annual costs at approximately $28,000 a year. With 1000 members, that would have been $28 a year, but Martin pointed out we’ve now slid below 1000 members. When I initially pondered lowering our adult membership pricing to $30, it still would have covered our $28,000 a year costs. At this point it would not unless we attract new members. But realistically the point of this motion is to attract new members; our value proposition is currently out of line, and it is reflected in diminishing membership numbers. The vendor discount program helps that value proposition. Hopefully other items under discussion will also eventually help. But I think a cost lowering is definitely going to have to be part of this equation. $29.99 strikes me as a balance where we’re cutting the cost enough to make a significant statement to potential members, but not so much that we drastically jeopardize our budget. I started with the adult membership cost as a starting point. If we lowered youth memberships proportionally, they would go to around $23.25. Rather than do that strictly, I chose a more round number that still represents a significant discount from the previous price. Similarly, I assumed we’d want to reflect some corresponding change in lifetime membership. A proportional discount would lower that price to $1125, and again I stuck with a more round number. I’d also want to be sensitive to our existing lifetime members; a large price drop might be pretty frustrating for them (though I gather many of them already paid quite a bit less at the original offering). I’d also be curious how the existing lifetime costs were determined.

Motion: Dave

Second: Thom

Discussion: Kevin doesn’t think we are losing IJA because of the price of membership. Discussion continued regarding: why use $29.99 instead of $30? Martin: eliminating Juggle magazine reduces cost, so we can reduce membership prices. Public relations is part of this. Dave: we are losing people because of cost; Thom: we should stick to a round number. Discussion continued around whether or not a lower Life Member cost will attract more Life Members. Lowering the cost of membership makes several on the Board somewhat nervous. Bottom line: what are members getting for $29.00? Martin: lowering the cost of membership may stem the tide. When should the change happen? Agreement that August 1 is the best time.


Amended motion: Motion to approve the following changes to membership costs. Lower Adult Membership from $40 to $29. Lower Youth Membership from $31 to $24.00. Lower Life Membership from $1500 to $1250. Current non-Life Members who have more than one year remaining on their current paid membership will have that membership extended by effectively lowering the pre-paid membership rate to the new rate. The new rates will be effective August 1, 2012.


Motion to amend the motion:

Motion: Dave

Second: Thom


Kevin: abstained

Kim: opposed

Motion passes

A. Len Ferman contacted Kim by email to say he is going to be a speaker at The World Future Trends Summit scheduled for October 15-17, 2012 at the Conrad Miami hotel in Miami, FL. He noticed they billed him as being from both Bank of America (his job) and The International Juggglers’ Association. He went on to ask “if there are any issues with me being billed as representing IJA.  If this is an issue I will ask the conference to remove IJA from my title. My presentation will use juggling as a creative means to demonstrate how to identify new trends in business.” I responded that this would be fine. It costs the IJA nothing and gets us some free publicity.


B. Vendor Discount Program:

We have 8 vendors on board, and a few others in the pipeline who may be interested. The vendors cover a healthy range of props and services. I have figured out how to present a dedicated ad unit on the eJuggle home page to advertise for participating vendors. Most vendors have deliverables to me at this time that I’m about to follow up on: I need them to provide me with the specific discount they wish to offer, the ad they would want us to use, the URL they would like it to link to, and their feelings about how strictly they want to try to validate membership. I’ll be proposing a motion below related to this program. There are a few other vendors I’d still like to get on board to make this a home run, but it is looking good.


C. Fest director for 2013 in BGSU.


Jared Davis is interested, as is David Cain. Kim and Mike are also interested.


D. Matt: there will be no Historical Lounge this year. Paul Bachman not able to do it.
7. NEXT MEETING: AGM meeting will be held at the fest on Wed. July 18, 2012 at 12pm eastern time. Jimmy Nichol will be present as parliamentarian. She will show up with enough time to review agenda and answer questions.


8. ADJOURNMENT:   Dave moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Richard. Meeting adjourned at 10:40pm eastern time.