The annual IJA summer festival hosts various juggling competitions, from playful to professional.

The Stage Championships is the formal competition that offers medals and prize money for juggling performances done on stage in front of a big audience. There are three categories: Individuals (individual competitors), Teams (two or more people per team) and Juniors (individuals 17 years old or younger). More information is available at this link.

The Numbers Championships awards Gold medals to those who demonstrate that they can juggle the most balls, clubs or rings for the most catches. Competition occurs in three categories: Individuals, Duos and Trios. See the current IJA numbers records and Numbers Rules.

Joggling (juggling while running) tests your ability to juggle while running, with events in various distances. A Gold medal is awarded to the winner of each race.

The fun juggling Games include various challenges for lots of jugglers to try.

Recent years’ Championships videos are available free to IJA members in eJuggle or on IJA Festival DVDs that can be purchased online from the IJA store.

To see past Championships results, click on a year below.


1969 Los Angeles, CA
1970 Los Angeles, CA
1971 Rocky Hill, CT
1972 Rocky Hill, CT
1973 Livingston, NJ
1974 Sarasota, FL
1975 Youngstown, OH
1976 Los Angeles, CA
1977 Newark, DE
1978 Eugene, OR
1979 Amherst, MA
1980 Fargo, ND
1981 Cleveland, OH
1982 Santa Barbara, CA
1983 Purchase, NY
1984 Las Vegas, NV
1985 Atlanta, GA
1986 San Jose, CA
1987 Akron, OH
1988 Denver, CO
1989 Baltimore, MD
1990 Los Angeles, CA
1991 St. Louis, MO
1992 Montreal, Québec
1993 Fargo, ND
1994 Burlington, VT
1995 Las Vegas, NV
1996 Rapid City, SD
1997 50th Anniversary, Pittsburgh, PA
1998 Primm, NV
1999 Niagara Falls, NY
2000 Montreal, Québec
2001 Madison, WI
2002 Reading, PA
2003 Reno, NV
2004 Buffalo, NY
2005 Davenport, IA
2006 Portland, OR
2007 Winston-Salem, NC
2008 Lexington, KY
2009 Winston-Salem, NC
2010 Sparks, NV
2011 Rochester, MN
2012 Winston-Salem, NC
2013 Bowling Green, OH
2014 West Lafayette, IN
2015 Québec City, Québec
2016 El Paso, TX
2017 Cedar Rapids IA
2018 Springfield MA

2019 Fort Wayne IN

2020 El Paso TX Online