Championships Results
67th IJA Summer Festival
West Lafayette, IN, USA
July 28 – August 3, 2014

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Gold: Jack Denger
Silver: Patrick Fraser
Bronze: Delaney Bayles


Kota Hayashi – Gold
Yusaku Mochizuki – Silver
Thom Wall – Bronze


Institute of Jugglology – Gold
Duck and Cover – Silver
Nine Hips – Bronze


Individual Balls

Gold (tie): Brian Koenig, 9 balls, 23 catches
Gold (tie): Vladik Miagkostoupov, 9 balls, 23 catches
Bronze: Nick Thomas, 9 balls, 20 catches

Individual Rings

Gold: Scott Sorensen, 8 rings, 21 catches
Silver: Sam Malcolm, 8 rings, 19 catches

Individual Clubs

Gold: Jack Denger, 7 clubs, 50 catches
Silver: Vladik Miagkostoupov, 7 clubs, 41 catches
Bronze: Scott Sorensen, 6 clubs, 18 catches
(Denger and Miagkostoupov initially tied with 41 catches of 7 clubs. In a “juggle-off” tie breaker, Miagkostoupov did not beat 41, but Denger achieved 50 catches.)

Individual Ball Bouncing

Gold: John Jones, 9 balls, 21 catches

Ball Passing

Gold: Peter Kaseman & Ben Thompson, 13 balls, 65 catches
Silver: Jon Brady & Bruce Bailey, 13 balls, 56 catches
Bronze: Josiah Jones & Victor Carroll, 11 balls, 71 catches
(Notable results from preliminary qualifying rounds: Brady & Bailey achieved 71 catches of 13 balls;
Jones & Carroll achieved 63 catches of 12 balls; and Reid Johnson & Sam Karschnia achieved 49 catches of 12 balls.)

Ring Passing

Gold: Jonah Botvinik-Greenhouse & Noah Schmeissner, 11 rings, 47 catches

Club Passing

Gold: Stefan Brancel & Peter Kaseman, 11 clubs, 63 catches

Ball Bounce Passing

Gold: David Critchfield & John Jones, 12 balls, 121 catches
(In prelims, Critchfield & Jones achieved 61 catches of 14 balls)

Three-Person Club Passing

Gold: Warren Hammond, Stefan Brancel, & Peter Kaseman, 14 clubs, 96 catches

Co-Directors: Scott Cain & Merry Spahr
Judges: Jimmy Robertson, Scott Sorensen, David Cain, David Critchfield, John Jones, Fran Favorini, Jack Kalvan, Peter Kaseman, Bruce Bailey, Sam Malcolm, and Jack Denger
Sergeant at Arms: Larry Mock
Assistants: Katje Sabin, Rick Robinson, Bob Winkeljohn, Richard Bachman, and Dina Scharnhorst

2014 XJuggling Winners

3 Balls: Sam Karschna
4&5 Balls: Delaney Bayles
6+ Balls: Sam Malcolm

3 Clubs: Kellin Quinn
4 Clubs: Karl Laczko
5+ Clubs: Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse

3 Rings: Emmanuel Boisse Pinard
4&5 Rings: Yusuke Yokoyama
6+ Rings: Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse

Teams: Warren Hammond and Stefan Brancel
Diabolo: Chauncey Kroner

Busking Competition

1st: Bekah Smith
2nd: Curt Carlyle
3rd: Sam Malcolm
4th: Dan Edwards