YJA BadgesYJA Achievement Recognition Program

Rather than a one-size-fits-all leveling system, YJA achievements are loosely patterned after the badges used by the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America. This a la carte model is ideal for accommodating children of all ages and juggling interests, and can be used simultaneously with any other achievement system that juggling instructors already have in place.

This program is not just for kids; adult IJA members can earn achievement buttons and contribute to the YJA’s mission of supporting youth juggling for a small donation. Jugglers 18 years old or younger will receive the buttons free of cost, and, as added incentive, Youth Juggling Academy members under 18 years old will receive one entry into a bi-monthly giveaway of juggling props, DVDs, books, and t-shirts for each button that they earn.

In addition to its motivational benefits, we believe this program will also:
– promote interest in juggling among non-juggling youth through wearable achievements
– boost youth membership in the IJA, and
– foster increased communication among the youth juggling community as a whole.

How Do I Get My Badges?

To receive badges, participants should e-mail confirmation of completed qualifications to yja@juggle.org and include their age and mailing address where the badges can be shipped.  Including a t-shirt size is optional (for raffle prizes).  Confirming that the badge requirements have been met can be done two ways: with a video (videos will not be shared publicly unless we receive express written consent from the juggler and their parents if the juggler is under 18 years of age), or by demonstrating the badge requirements to a qualified IJA member for certification.  If a qualified IJA member is certifying a button, they will also need to send an e-mail to yja@juggle.org.

Jugglers 18 years old or younger will receive their badges for free.  For each badge they earn, they will get one entry into  a periodic raffle of juggling props, books, dvds, shirts, etc.  The entries remain in the raffle pot until they are chosen as a winner or until the conclusion of the current year (measured September-August).

Adults will soon be able to purchase badges through the IJA store, but don’t let that stop you from working on earning badges now! We will announce as soon as the buttons are up for sale. As of right now, the sale of adult badges is the YJA’s only source of renewable funding, so please help support our program!

If you have any questions or issues, please send them to yja@juggle.org.

Merit Badge Qualifications

All badges are 1-1/2” pin-back buttons, designed by IJA Board member Louis Skaradek.
These are the badges we currently have available, but we are working on a new batch of passing badges to be released soon!

Juggler YJA Badge

Juggler:  Demonstrates six catches of a three ball cascade.

Teacher YJA Badge

Teacher:  Spends at least twenty minutes apiece teaching five different people to juggle.  Three must be non-jugglers learning the 3 ball cascade.  The remaining two people can be either non-jugglers or jugglers learning a new pattern or trick.

Performer YJA Badge

Performer:  Completes a performance using object manipulation for an audience of more than 20 people, spending a minimum of two minutes on stage.

 3 Balls: 30 catches         4 Balls: 30 catches         5 Balls: 30 catches         6 Balls: 30 catches

3 Balls YJA Badge      4 Balls YJA Badge     5 Balls YJA Badge     6 Balls YJA Badge

7 Balls: 30 catches

  7 Balls YJA Badge

 3 Clubs: 30 catches     4 Clubs: 30 catches        5 Clubs: 30 catches      6 Clubs: 12 catches       

3 Clubs YJA Badge      4 Clubs YJA Badge    5 Clubs YJA Badge     6 Clubs YJA Badge

7 Clubs: 14 catches

7 Clubs YJA Badge

3 Rings: 30 catches      4 Rings: 30 catches       5 Rings: 30 catches       6 Rings: 30 catches

3 Rings YJA Badge     4 Rings YJA Badge     5 Rings YJA Badge     6 Rings YJA Badge

 7 Rings:  30 catches

7 Rings YJA Badge

“Mixed” refers to the combination of balls, clubs, and rings.  Fountain patterns must have mixed props in each hand.

  3 Mixed:  30 catches.         4 Mixed: 30 catches.      5 Mixed:  30 catches.       6 Mixed:  12 catches.

3 Mixed Props YJA Badge        4 Mixed Props YJA Badge        5 Mixed Props YJA Badge     6 Mixed Props YJA Badge

7 Mixed:  14 catches.

  7 Mixed Props YJA Badge

3 Mixed must have at least 1 club, 1 ring, and 1 ball.
5 Mixed must have at least 1 club, 1 ring, and 1 ball.
6 Mixed must have 2 clubs, 2 rings, and 2 balls.
7 Mixed must have at least 2 clubs, 2 rings, and 2 balls.

For more information about earning YJA badges, donating items for bimonthly prizes, sponsoring the YJA, or incorporating YJA achievement badges into your existing youth juggling program, please e-mail IJA Youth Juggling Academy Director Ellen Winters at .

Our Sponsors

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