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33nd annual IJA World Joggling Championships

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Bowling Green State University Track
Bowling Green, OH

IJA 2013 Joggling Championships Event Registration Form

Entry fee - $15 online; $25 in person
covers all events entered for one joggler

Order of Events:
1600 meters - 3 balls
100 meters - 3 balls
100 meters - 5 balls
400 meters - 3 balls
100 meters - 7 balls*
400 meters - 5 balls**
800 meters - 3 balls
4 x 100 meters - 3 balls

* - competitors in 100 meters 7 balls event must be able to demonstrate a solid 7 ball pattern prior to entry
** - competitors in 400 meters 5 balls event must have completed the 100 meters 5 balls in less than 90 seconds

All registrants must pay the fee and complete and sign a liability waiver. Athletes under 18 years of age must have the liability waiver signed by a parent.

For more information contact:

Len Ferman

What is Joggling?

Joggling combines running and juggling. Joggling requires the competitor to juggle at least 3 balls while running. The rules require that a juggling pattern must be maintained whilst running, and if an object is dropped, the joggler must return to the point where the object fell and continue from there.

Benefits of Joggling

Joggling is a full mind body workout encompassing all four limbs. It is one of the best exercises anyone can do as it provides a full body workout plus it helps to sharpen the mind.


The World Joggling Championships are open for anyone to compete. Competitors need to be able to juggle 3 balls proficiently.

Governing Body

The World Juggling Championships are operated under the auspices of the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA). The championships are being held as part of the week long IJA Festival. The IJA Festival brings together many of the best jugglers from around the world for a week of competitions, workshops and shows.

For more information contact:

Len Ferman


The 2013 IJA World Joggling Championships witnessed three world records. Eric Walter blasted the 23 year old 400 meter 3 ball record set by Owen Morse in 1990 at 57.3 seconds. Walter ran an incredible 1.5 seconds faster in 55.8 as he destroyed the field finishing 13 seconds ahead of the second place finisher.

Newcomer Gabrielle Foran established herself as one of the greatest female jogglers in history winning three events and setting a world record in the 1600 meter 3 ball as the first women to break the 6 minute barrier.

Former IJA Stage Champion Thomas Dietz took up joggling for the first time this year and came away with gold medals in both the 100 meter 5 ball and 100 meter 7 ball. In the latter event, Dietz broke the world record set last year by Jack Denger by over 5 seconds in a time of 53.6.

Event Name Time
100 meter 3 ball Jared Janssen 14.6
100 meter 5 ball Thomas Dietz 21.5 #6 all time age group performance
100 meter 7 ball Thomas Dietz 0:53.6 New World Record
400 meter 5 ball Mark Fiore 2:09.6 #1 all time age group performance
400 meter 3 ball Eric Walter 0:55.8 New World Record
800 meter 3 ball Eric Walter 2:20 #2 all time age group performance
1600 meter 3 ball Nathan Lane 5:26 #1 all time age group performance
4 x 100 relay Peter Prokop, Scott Geyman, Jared Janssen, Nathan Lane 1:04.7
100 meter 3 ball Sydney Paugh 17.8 #5 all time age group performance
100 meter 3 ball Anna Voelker 17.8 #5 all time age group performance
100 meter 5 ball Delaney Bayles 48.0
400 meter 3 ball Gabrielle Foran 1:23.8 #2 all time age group performance
800 meter 3 ball Gabrielle Foran 2:51 #2 all time age group performance
1600 meter 3 ball Gabrielle Foran 5:58 New World Record
4 x 100 relay Riga Moettus, Laura Schroeder, Elise Johnson, Erica Liddle 1:30.4


Men 100 meter 7 ballThomas Dietz53.62013
Men 100 meter 5 ballAlbert Lucas 15.52002
Men 100 meter 3 ballOwen Morse 11.91988
Men 200 meter 3 ballChris Essick 26.52002
Men 400 meter 3 ballEric Walter55.82013
Men 800 meter 3 ballEric Walter2:132011
Men 1600 meter 3 ballKirk Swenson4:441986
Men 5k 3 ballMike Hebebrand17:371990
Men 4 x 100 meter 3 ballChris Lovdal, Eric Walter, Tyler Wishau, Charles Schweitzer55.82011
Men 4 x 400 meter 3 ballTeam Exerball (Albert Lucas, Owen Morse, Jon Wee, Tuey Wilson3:571990
Women 100 meter 7 ballMeagan Nouis3:062010
Women 100 meter 5 ballHeather Marriott42.82002
Women 100 meter 3 ballLana Bolin14.92000
Women 200 meter 3 ballTrish Evans31.82011
Women 400 meter 3 ballChrista Rypins1:161990
Women 800 meter 3 ballTrish Evans2:452011
Women 1600 meter 3 ballGabrielle Foran5:58 2013
Women 5k 3 ballTrish Evans21:461997
Women 4 x 100 meter 3 ballFlamingo Club (L. Kaseman, D. Finnigan, B. Kresser, B. Neeser)1:212004
Women 4 x 400 meter 3 ballRice, Roy, Finnigan, Harr6:112006
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