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Globe 1998 Final Results:

And the number is...

4,684 participants!

This number represents the sum of participants around the globe reported back to us by the deadline of June 27th. We had to make this cut-off in order to determine the contest winners in a timely fashion. If you failed to get your results in in time, we would still like to hear them, but they will not be counted for the contest.

Globe And the winners are...

If you were a winner and would like to see your picture posted here, please send it in!


1st - Columbia "La Bolita Differente"4,900Picture with Prizes
2nd - Sweden "Lund Juggling Club"4,901
3rd - Australia "UWA Juggling Club"5,041
4th - Sweden "Jugglers With Balls"4,001
5th - Seattle "Cascade Jugglers"5,555


1st - Jeff Deveaux (Washington)4,687Picture with Prizes
2nd - Laura Whitis (Texas)4,680
3rd - Dan Truesdale (Canada)4,675
4th - Camilo Riveros Correal (Columbia)         4,622Picture with Prizes
5th - Art Weininger (Washington)4,567

These people have won some terrific prizes from:

Todd Smith Products

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