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1893 November 24 (London) WESTMINSTER BUDGET Paul Cinquevalli and his tricks.

1893 December 27 (London) THE SKETCH A talk with Paul Cinquevalli.

1894 March 17 (London) THE MILLION How a famous juggler works.  Paul Cinquevalli's career.

1894 September (London) THE PICTURE MAGAZINE M. Paul Cinquevalli.

1895 E. W. Otto. Artisten-Lexikon. Duesseldorf: Druck und Verlag von Ed. Lintz.

1895 March 21 (London) PALL MALL BUDGET A Juggler of genius    (Cinquevalli).


1895 November 13 (London) CHUMS Early days of a great juggler (Paul Cinquevalli).


1896 George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle. Anomalies and Curiosities      of Medicine. More than one edition.


1897 January (London) STRAND MAGAZINE W. G. Fitzgerald. The greatest juggler in the world.


1900 March HARMSWORTH'S LONDON MAGAZINE H. J. Holmes. The balance wonderful. Some remarkable exhibitions of muscle.


1901 October (London) THE PLAYGOER Cinquevalli: an illustrated



1902 February (London) ROYAL MAGAZINE S. White. The King of jugglers.


1904 (1903) Georges Strehly. L'Acrobatie et les Acrobates. Paris :

Librairie Ch. Delagrave.


1906 E. V. Lucas. A Wanderer in London. London : Methuen . 1909 March (London ) CASSELLS' MAGAZINE How to Succeed as a Juggler. P. Cinquevalli.


1909 May (London) ROYAL MAGAZINE Paul Cinquevalli. Twenty years as

a juggler.


1912 E. V. Lucas. A Little of Everything. London : Methuen. 1914 November 7 ( Oldham ) WORLD'S FAIR Cinquevalli. A famous juggler's story.


1925 Maurice Willson Disher. Clowns & Pantomimes. London : Constable.


1927-1949 G. C. Odell. Annals of the New York Stage. Vol. 14 of 15

Vols. New York : Columbia University Press.


1928 Henry Chance Newton . Idols of the Halls. London : Heath, Cranton.


1928 June 30 ( London ) EVERYBODY'S WEEKLY C. L. McCleur Stevens. The Father of Modern Juggling (Cinquevalli).


1931 Samuel McKechnie. Popular Entertaiment Through the Ages. More      than one edition.


1933 George Foster. The Spice of Life. London : Hurst & Blackett.

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