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Third annual European Convention report


Large Group Of Chinkos Meets In London

By Lindsay Leslie Newport-on- Tay, Scotland


The Third Annual European IJA Convention, held at the Jackson's Lane Community Center, Highgate, London, at the end of March, attracted the largest gathering of juggling enthusiasts ever to meet under the same roof in the United Kingdom. It was certainly an international event, with 42 participants from 9 countries. There were 5 American jugglers, and one fellow from Australia who happened to be in London at the time.


Tim Batson, our chief organizer, had chosen an ideal venue, with large practice hall, pleasant theatre for our shows and convenient snack bar.


The two public shows were much appreciated by the audiences. One could feel them warm to the juggling and other skills presented- mime, music and magic. Many enquiries were made regarding the IJA and the art of juggling in general both nights.


We held two European Open 5-ball juggling endurance competitions this year for the benefit of our two audiences, who were amazed to see 60 balls in motion from the 12 jugglers taking part.


They sat in silence as jugglers dropped from the competition until winners Tim Dingman (Canada) and Stuart Haber (USA) were the only two left.


Honored guest


The convention was honored by the appearance of Rudy Horn (winner of the 1973 Rastelli Juggling Festival). Although he is now retired from professional juggling, he gave us a first-class workshop in the art of juggling in the theatre. Cameras flashed from all corners as he demonstrated a 5-ball routine with cascade, overhead cascade, back crosses and very fast shower. He also displayed a 6-ball shower, 7-ring cascade and 8-ring flash. It was good for us to be inspired by such a performer.


We returned to the practice hall with renewed vigor.


Another encouraging performer was IJAer and professional juggler Urie Gridneff, who was working nightly at Churchills Club in London. He performed juggling on unsupported ladder and unicycle, and also juggled 6 and 7 rings for our photographers, winding up with an 8-ring flash.


Thanks to all


The IJAers of Europe would like to give a special Thank You to the following - The staff of the Jackson's Lane Community Center for their publicity and assistance.


Hermann Sagemuller for printing our souvenir Chinko Program.


Stuart Fell for his Keystone Cop car dash across central London to collect our four-piece band, who were stranded due to the London Transport Strike on Saturday.


Don Robertson's car race against the clock on Sunday, returning Mark Robertson from a previous juggling engagement to the Jacksons Lane Theatre just in time for his spot in the public show.


Felix Adonas for his Good Luck postcard.


Tim Batson-producer, stage manager, MC,lighting, liaison officer and poster designer for his endless energy and dedication.


Swedish racketeer juggles courtside

By Lloyd Timberlake Stockholm, Sweden


A year ago, new IJA member Ola Sundberg walked out onto the court between matches at the Stockholm Open professional tennis tournament and began juggling three tennis rackets. He was promptly thrown off the court by a couple of burly officials.


This season he juggled between most of the matches with the tournament organizers' blessing and with salary from and in the clothes of a tennis outfit manufacturer. He was on television several times. That is progress.


Ola is a 23-year-old fork-lift truck driver who wants to become a professional juggler. He does things with three large rackets most people find hard with tiny clubs, and is developing a complex four-club routine. Having started throwing things about at age 18, Ola has already paid some of his show business dues through six months of traveling with a one-horse, one-juggler circus around Sweden.


He attracted a good deal of newspaper publicity as the only juggler in his barracks during his military service. Last summer he took a cheap flight to New York, did some street juggling, met some IJA members - including Steve Mills - bought some clubs and decided to join the IJA. Six months later he found the right address to write.


Being the only would-be professional juggler alive in Sweden at present, Ola, who lives outside Stock­holm and is now doing club and school dates, faces little competition. He is also one more reason for the 'I' in 'IJA.'

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