Juggler's  World


March 1984                                                         Volume 36  No. 1



6. LAS VEGAS REPORT. Alan Howard travels to Las Vegas and sees great juggling.


9. GATTO AND IGNATOV. Two of the world's most renowned jugglers appear together in Monte Carlo and Berlin.


11. FANEUIL HALL FIRST NIGHT. An historic Boston landmark becomes a stage for manipulators on a magical New Year's Eve.


14. ESKIMO JUGGLING. Jim Kerr, Alaskan social researcher, and a native American pastime.


18. POTPOURRI. Tips, quizzes, and cartoons.


24. BIG APPLE CIRCUS. Gene Jones reviews the latest edition of this home-grown extravaganza.


26. JUGGLE BUG. It takes hard work to turn a  juggler's dream into a nationwide business.



2. BUSINESS MEETING. Officers gathered at the office and made changes in competitions and administration, among other action.


6. COMPETITIONS. Review of new competition rules and registration form for entrants.


7. 1984 CONVENTION. A review of plans laid so far for this summer's 37th gathering of the clan. <missing>


10. JA WOLD! Juggling becomes more popular in Germany. thanks partially to the Wiesbaden juggling club. host of the next European Convention.




12. FESTIVALS. A picnic basket full of springtime festivals are planned from coast to coast.


16. MAIL BOX. Letters on the arms race, a 16 ball juggler, and sophomore biology.


21. ENTERTAINERS. Where they're performing.


22. MEETINGS. Jugglers are gathering regularly all over everywhere. Join them!


25. EYES ON NEW YORK. Gene Jones, reporter in the Apple's core, names names of  jugglers passing through the big city.

Neena F. Birch of Alaska created this print, titled .. Juggler," which perfectly illustrates this issue's featured article by Jim Kerr.


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