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Alfaria - Circus Busch (E. Gennany)

Andre - Circus Arena (Switz.)

Michael Roy Baldridge - Aug. 5-11, Cleveland; Aug. 15, Grand Rapids; Oct. 16-Nov.

6. Midwestern tour

Barnaby - July 17-21. Roseville, CA; Aug. 6-18. San Joquin County Fair; Aug. 19-30. John Strong West Coast tour; Sept. 19-22. Lodi Grape Festival

Jack Bremlov - Circus Barum (Germany)

Francis Brunn - Lido, Paris

Michael Chirrick - Concord Hotel. Aruba

The Christianis - Circus Americano (Italy)

Four Cirneanus - Circus Stey (Switz.)

Dani - Circus Royal (Switz.)

Gil Dova - Holiday Casino. Las Vegas

Tony Duncan - Mostly Magic. New York City

The Erlixtons - Circus Americano (Italy)

Fercos - 78 Cabaret. Paris

Nino Frediani - Reno Hilton

Frederico - Circus Aladdin (Netherlands)

Peter and Sascha Gasser - Circus Royal  (Switz.)

Anthony Gatto - Until June 18, Flamingo Hilton Hotel. Las Vegas

Alan Howard - Darien Lake Amusement Park between Buffalo and Rochester. NY

Edward Jackman - Sept. 13, Albion College. Mich.; 16. Mercy College of Detroit; 18, Ferris State College; 19. Delta College; 20. GMI in Flint; 21. Alma College; 24. Aquinas College; 25. Kalamazoo College

Dale Jones - Friday and Sat. nights. Westport

Plaza. St. Louis, MO. Aug. 8-18. Illinois State Fair in Springfield

Kris Kremo - Circus Knie, Switzerland

Martin Lamberti - Theatre Salome (W. Germany)

David Lee - Holiday Inn. Puerto Rico

R.J. Lewis - Resorts International Hotel. Atlantic City

Albert Lucas - Hacienda Hotel, Las Vegas

Jacques Marais - Brian Boswell Circus (South Africa)

Die Majongs - Circus Aeros (USSR tour)

The Medifreds - Circus Americano (Italy)

Micha - Circus Arena (Switz.)

Johnny Monti - Circus Medrano (Switz.)

Duo Montes - Circus Miranda Orfei (Italy)

Morle - Circus Barum (W. Germany)

Sorin Munteanu - Circus Giovanni Althoff (W. Germany)

No Elephant Circus - July 28-Aug. 9, Royal Albert Hall. London

Serge Percelly - Circus Krone (W. Gennany)

Rolfino Jr. - Circus Franz Nock (Switzerland)

Miss Rosita - Circus Hellas (W. Germany)

Rejean St. Jules - Circus Circus. Las Vegas

Tibor - Circus Arena (Switz.)

Valente and Valente - Moulin Rouge, Paris Robert York - June 25-30, Jolly's Comedy Club. Amarillo, Tex.

The Zunigas - Padilla Conez Circus. Mexico Baltimore's Harbor Place - Appearing regularly are Gerard Rowan, The Crab Trap Jugglers and the All American Mini Circus.  

Benji Hill - John Strong's Clowncapades. August­Christmas.

 Serge Percelly

Serge Percelly from Geneva, Switzerland, debuted in 1982 as a sport juggler with Circus Boswell in South Africa. He is currentIy performing an act that includes juggling of six tennis rackets with Circus Krone in

West Germany.

Percelly, age 18, is another in the Chickys family of performers. His father is a white face clown, and other relatives have played with circuses in Western Europe for the past 20 years. (Thanks to Karl-Heinz Ziethen)

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