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Dick Franco and Brian Dube have teamed up to contribute to the world of juggling knowledge. Dube has published a Franco book and plans to release a videotape on the life story of Franco's mentor, Bobby May. Produced by Stuart Lippe, the film includes rare footage. One old Vitafone film Franco recovered shows May playing a soda jerk who ends up juggling for his customers. There's also an old interview with May and a video tour through the May photo collection. Franco was playing the Atlantis Hotel in Atlantic City this fall.


John MaBery has juggled at renaissance festivals in Michigan , Kansas City and Largo , Fla. , recently. He is currently working in Kansas City on a local cable television program that will highlight the talents of variety artists. Noted guests so far have induded juggler Bryan Wendling and physical comedians, The Abbotts of Unreason.


Ron Severini, special projects manager with Ringling Brothers, invites jugglers to contact him concerning work in commercials and festivals. Send your resume and a video to him c/o Ringling Brothers, Altamonte Springs , FL.


Kris Kremo celebrated his 10th year of work at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas by taking a six-week vacation. He began working there Dec. 23, 1977, and continues to this day. Part of his vacation was spent in Berlin , where he juggled in a big annual holiday show, "Menschen Tiere­Sensationen." He has added a new wrinkle to his cigar box manipulation this year ­ actualIy toss juggling the boxes in four different balI patterns. He said, "It doesn't impress the audience, but it impresses me. They're awkward and it's pretty hard!" Kremo, a fourth generation performer, will play a part in a documentary movie on circus families to be shot in Europe this year. A private circus collector has also compiled a Kremo memorabilia collection for exhibit in Zurich 's KunsthalIe this spring.


"Juggling is catching" in Ontario , says Franklin Hargraves. "Juggleknots," as he bills his act, will be teaching a two-day course to summer program supervisors later this year so they can pass it on through recreational programs in their own communities.


Joey and Robyn Jordan announce the birth of twin baby jugglers - Joseph Jr. and Christopher - on Oct. 7, 1987. "They're not passing clubs yet, but they're as long as one," says the proud father. Dad also proudly reports he is able to do seven flying discs in one hand now!


Kevin Wenzel of Irving, Tex. , took his juggling on stage. He was featured with the Dallas Opera in its production last spring of "A Turk in Italy . " Wenzel has been juggling professionally for four years, and meets with the Denton , Tex. , club.


Albert Lucas joggled his second marathon on Nov. 1 in New York City . His time of 3:58.43 was slightly better than his first attempt, but he said the thick crowd of 23,000 runners was a severe hindrance. His effort was chronicled by ABC Sports several times in their telecast of the event, including an "up close and personal" segment.


Lucas planned to juggle on ice skates in Garmish, W. Germany , after Christmas in a fund-raising performance for the American and W. German Olympic ice skating teams. He said he would then return to Williamsburg , Va. , to practice more joggling and numbers juggling. He hopes to set Guinness records for juggling 11 balls, 9 clubs and 14 rings this year.

Joey and Robyn Jordan

Joey and Robyn Jordan

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