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Spanish Jugglers Organize

Our group of jugglers from Madrid have decided to form a jugglers association in Spain . The idea for creating the AME (Associacion de Malabaristas de Espana) arose following the last two European conventions, conversations with close friend Toby Philpott and our own need to join together to exchange experiences and contact other jugglers on an international scale.


Interest in juggling began to grow in Madrid with the arrival in Spain of Donald B. Lehn, a magnificent American street performer known as Moonbeam. We consider him the father of "young juggling" here in Madrid . The ranks of jugglers grew quickly, and we now meet Fridays from 3-7 p.m. at the Centro Cultural Galileo.


So, the time has come for us to unite. We will go after federal grants and are convinced that our annual party will be front page news all over the world. Until then, we offer an open invitation to all jugglers - our house is your house! Muchos abrazos!

     Javier Jimenez Fernandez

                            President, AME - Madrid , SPAIN

Better Popcorn Balls

In the Winter issue, MitchelI Miner gave instructions on how to make inexpensive bean bags by using baby socks and a cup of popcorn. In his article, MitchelI said you can rewind them when they get loose. I'd suggest to him and others that they can prolong the firmness of this kind of bean bag by placing a rubber band around the twisted end of the sock before folding the remainder over.


I hope this tip will help Juggler's World readers and inspire us all to teach this art to our children - "The seeds of the future. "


Dan "Slide" Lucas

Rubber City Jugglers - Akron , Ohio

Peace Tour to Nicaragua

The 1988 Jugglers for Peace tour to Nicaragua will take place April 27- May 30. There are now 8 Europeans and 10 Americans joining forces on this trip to learn more about the reality of life for the people of Nicaragua . The group will provide them with some light relief from the horrors of war and distribute equipment donated by jugglers wishing to show some solidarity with the Nicaraguan struggle.


We will also be making arrangements for Rigoberto Rotelin, a third-generation circus juggler, to attend the IJA convention in Denver in July. Anyone able to contribute equipment, new or used, and/or a donation toward Rigoberto' s airfare to the convention ($780) may send it to: Nancy Levidow, San Francisco , CA .

 Graham Ellis

    Pahoa, Hawaii

Virus Burning In Bern

Do you know where juggling was born? It certainly was not Bern, Switzerland.  But three years ago the juggling virus infected half of the population. 99 percent recovered, but we didn't. The lone percent meets every Tuesday night at the Lindenhof Hospital gym - for juggling, not recovering!


And if you're tired of big, overcrowded juggling events, we have just the right thing for you. The second Swiss juggling convention will take place June 25-26 at the Seminar Marzili in Bern . Two big gyms, free entrance, sunshine or rain guaranteed. Write Anna Baehler or Ursula Schori, Wabern, Switzerland. See you soon!

Ursula, Anni & Andreas

                           Wabern, Switzerland




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