Page 23                                                       Fall 1988

Joggler's Jottings

The Joggler's Jottings

by Bill Giduz, editor

An Open Letter To Donors

Thanks to everyone who donated items sold in the IJA's First Annual Benefit Auction at the Denver convention. Everybody got into the spirit of things and we raised more than $2,713 for the IJA in about two hours. Scotty Meltzer and Ngaio Bealum did the MC job like old pros, with others joining the chorus as the mood moved them.


The big ticket item was $600 for two go anywhere tickets donated by American Airlines. But there were exciting moments throughout. Dave Finnigan, Professor Confidence himself, all of a sudden shows up carrying armloads of suits he wore in performance. He must have had six full tuxedos!


There were lots of props auctioned off, and classic ones at that. Stu Raynolds liquor bottle clubs and Samoan dance knives. Guess who picked up those prizes? The Raspynis! Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman paid $150 for one set and $75 for the other.


The bidding got fierce at times. Laura Green and Andy Swann started a barking match on a complete volume of Roger Montandon's Juggler's Bulletin, and before you knew it it was up to $100! Then $150 quickly. And back with $175! "$200" yelled Laura! Tension built as she juggled the ball back to Swan's court. No initial reply. Chatter and glances prevailed until the final moment when auctioneer Scotty Meltzer spoke and stopped time. "Sold!"


Laura led the audience in the triumph with a huge sigh of relief and took her prize in her hands. She said, "I'm happy because now I know it will always be with the IJA."


History was made, I'd say, in Denver at the 42nd convention of the IJA. Isn't philanthropy fun? It was new director Tripp Holmgrain, who, as they say, "took the idea and ran with it." As you can see from the above, you who donated were part of a resounding success! The most appropriate call now, I think, is to clean out those attics between now and Baltimore ! Don't wait until next July at convention time, send it now while you're in the mood.


In closing, I thought it would be ap­propriate to list those who helped us out. Here's a hearty Hi-Ho to you all, on behalf of us all!


Partial List of Prices and Items Donated For The First IJA Benefit Auction

5.00 Montandon scarf

50.00 Todd Smith clubs

17.00 Dube devil sticks

14.00 Butterfinger cassette tapes

4.00 Jugglers for Peace poster

12.00 Nickerson's hatchet

1.50 Nickerson's hula hoop

21.00 Michael Davis rat trap copyrighted prop 25.00 Jeff Mason's diablo

13.00 Summer's Juggling With Finesse

75.00 Ellwanger Samoan dance knives

20.00 Jeff Napier book & program

12.00 Janes Jug Balls tie-die t-shirt

21.00 Todd Smith rings

15.00 Two Finnigan tuxedos

150.00 Raynolds liquor clubs from Ellwanger 20.00 12 Chasley pinguinis

12.00 Five Zen bags

25.00 Juggling Arts plate

40.00 Ernie Marcum airbrush t-shirt

8.00 3 juggling french breads (wild!)

17 .00 Jugglebug cigar boxes

20.00 Crystal sticks for deviling

9.00 Parallel Infinity t-shirt

4.00 Waldo parking ticket

26.00  Waldo blue & white silicone ball

82.00  Waldo clubs & top hat

17.00  Several San Diegans t-shirt

60.00  Todd Sm ith torches

15.00  Zen balls

26.00  Sky's the Limit soccer balls

15.00  Derby - Krako's Clown Magic

60.00  Bobby May video from Dube

28.00  Exerballs from Exerballs

15.00  Mary Wilkins rubber stamp

  7.00  Jim Gardner uni earrings

30.00  Brian dube top hat

160.00 Gatto numbers clubs

14.00  glow balls - Juggletime Products

11.00  American Tale video

30.00  Crystal ball - Kent stained glass

200.00 Montandon volume of Jug. Bulletin

28.00 Spotlight stage balls

35.00 Xieme EJA conven poster from Giduz

12.00  Dube lacrosse balls

600.00  AA plane tickets to fly

15.00 Merlo rings

50.00 Ziethen book Art & Artists

50.00 Chasley products box

15.00 Michael Davis poster

15.00 Beanbags from Jug Prop shop

20.00 Frank Olivier t-shirt

 8.00  Butterfingers suspenders

12.00 Casa Bounce t-shirt

19.00  Dube devil stick

  6.00   Larry V t-shirts

10.00  Fred Schlomka Stanislav stick

12.00  Juggler's belt from Ellwanger

20.00  Chamberlin prop bag

8.00   Vaudeville show ticket

23.00  IJA t-shirts from Larry Olson

6.00  Pendant from Holography Shop

15.00  Prop bag from Karen Phariss

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