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Politics Has Its Place

The Winter edition's "Disturbing Trends" letter greatly disturbed me with its heavy condemnation of jugglers who include anything other than fun in their acts. Does the writer forget that jugglers and other traveling performers here in Europe have used political satire to inform as well as entertain since medieval times?


I believe that even American audiences know performers who are able to say something meaningful whilst performing on stage, film or record. In the juggling world there is Michael Davis with his nuclear deterrent routine on Carson . Even his political digs at Reagan's inauguration did not lose him our respect.


In all forms of entertainment we are constantly subjected to expressions of performers' beliefs and opinions about our world. Why should jugglers with courage and integrity not speak out also? Incidentally, has everyone heard Sting's tribute to Ben Linder called, "Fragile," on his "Nothing Like the Sun" album?

 Tim King London, England

No Slight Intended

The members of "A Juggling Club" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, (many of whom are women) would like to address a comment made in a letter printed in last fall's issue of "Juggler's World."


The letter made several points concerning women's issues. For the most part, they were valid. But we can only hope that humor was the letter writer's driving force behind the statement, "tearing apart women dummies on stage and using them for prop holders sends out a message that it's OK to use women as objects and treat them violently."


The young man that used a "woman dummy" as a "prop holder" is a member of our club, and has never been known to use a woman as an object or treat anyone violently. His is a kind and gentle human being, and his act was seen as creative by men and women alike.


Perhaps it would be wise to get to know a person before judging his intentions.

         A Juggling Club Members

                          Maggie Crockett

                                   Lynn Eaves

                         Susette Emerson

                                      Bill Horne

                             Yvonne Morelli

                   Alexander Saavedia

              Glenn & Donna Saums


Thanks To Us All From An Everyday Juggler

I've had this urge recently to thank all the wonderful jugglers out there who make my life and the lives of countless others just a wee bit more bearable.


Who am I?  Who are these countless others? We're the real world everyday jugglers. We're the ones who every morning wake to juggle jobs we sometimes don't really like. We're the ones who find ourselves in situations where we must juggle money, numbers and figures we hardly understand. We're the ones who juggle children and professions at the same time while we balance the spinning plate of chauvinism behind the back.


We're the ones who struggle with the diabolo of college work and the spindle to pay it off. The ones who struggle with the devil stick of love and still find the cigar box switch stuck in our memory. We're the everyday jugglers who manage countless beanbags of personnel, some of whom we never catch. We're the ones who juggle clubs of old age and need care and understanding to get us to the final bow.


We love you. You provide the smile we need to get by as just plain old everyday jugglers. Thanks and keep on juggling.

James F. Dawson Brooklyn, New York


Another Wave Cascader

The article "Cascading Over the Waves" was very good. I've been on a number of cruises and saw one juggler who was not mentioned -- Jeff Taveggia.


He probably could have offered a lot of insight. His two shows were very impressive and quite funny. What impressed me most was his juggling three torches while riding a unicycle around the stage. That may sound easy, but the ceiling was only eight feet high, the 15-foot square stage was closely surrounded by people and the ship was rocking. He didn't drop a thing.


The day after I saw his show I watched him practice. He gave me some helpful pointers and told me about the IJA and "Juggler's World."


Keep up the great work on the magazine. It's the only one I read in its entirety!

                                 David Seifer Satellite Beach , Florida

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