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October / November 1978                                     Volume 30  No. 6

Francis Brunn



Francis Brunn, world famous juggler genius a la Barishnikov, has appeared since September 4 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Resorts International Hotel. Before this engagement he performed at the El San Juan Hotel, Puerto Rico, for eight months. Reviews of his act said, "There is an extraordinary moment in the program at the Club Tropicoro with Francis Brunn, who combines the talent of the fastest juggler in the world with the exact knowledge of a Spanish dancer. Mr. Brunn is a master craft­sman, but he is also a great artist - an absolute wizard."

Francis Brunn began his career in the Berliner "Wintergarten" before the war as an Aschaffenburger boy in Germany. His name was Franzl, and he worked with his sister Lotte. He broke all records for hoop juggling. Francis perfected eight hoops while head-balancing with a hoop on his feet. In 1942 he juggled nine and in 1948 ten hoops: eight from the hands and two out of his belt. He was taken to America by John Ringling North, who presented him as

"The Greatest Juggler Since the Dawn of Creation." At this time the Ringling Circus Show was top on the bill. Francis Brunn performed in the center ring alone, with all activity shut down in the side rings. He was announced as "The World's Greatest Juggler - greater and ten times faster than Rastelli. "

After three years with the Ringling Circus, Francis Brunn left with his sister Lotte, who had her own juggling act since 1951. He was already recognized as the outstanding juggler in the U.S. It was then that his world career - as a juggler in a new style - began. Francis Brunn appeared in a black suit and introduced dancing steps in a Flamenco style into his act.

Francis Brunn is the only variety artist who has ever worked as co-star to the big American artists in almost every famous hotel along "the strip" in Las Vegas. This great juggler has given command performances for the royal families in London and Amsterdam, and has also performed for President Eisenhower in the White House. His juggling skill won him the Circus Hall of Fame Award in 1969 and the Rastelli Award in 1970 at the World Juggling Concur­rence in Bergamo, Italy.

Francis Brunn has been acclaimed the world's greatest juggler for over forty years by critics and audiences who have witnessed his mastery all over the globe. He is the greatest living exponent of the dying art of juggling; a merciless perfectionist with rubber balls. The reason for Francis Brunn's success is that he surprises his audience with a completely new style while he is juggling only a few balls. He impresses by being quick as a rocket and by dancing at the same time. The ball - technical scenery is his own and his juggling tricks have not been performed before by others.

After recovering from a hip joint operation in 1976 in Paris, he is the same brilliant juggler as before. He has returned with more grace, style like a Spanish dancer, and incredibly, with more timing, fire, and effects. Francis Brunn, the unforgettable legendary name of an artist never equaled and praised as a miracle, will exist always as the greatest juggler genius of our time. This is no exaggeration.

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