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Summer 1996                                                         Volume 48  No. 2



10   A Different Sort of Prop Sack

Look inside Clockwork's prop bag and you'll find everything from flower pots to drawing pads.  It might not be standard issue, but it's good for business!


15   Essays - Words By Which To Prosper

Barry "Raspyni" Friedman gives tips for planning the big show.  Rob Peck, IJA education director, strikes gold in "dem DARE" hills...Jeff Miller teaches the essentials of teaching workshops.


21  A Champion for Modern-Day Juggling

Steeped n the lore of show business, IJA Award of Excellence recipient Albert Lucas sets his sights on upholding the honor of juggling in an era that no longer worships at the altar of Vaudeville.


24  Highland Fling, and Other Fests of Flingers

Famous festival critquer ThomasL travels abroad to bring back one overriding impression of the British Juggling Festival - it was certainly never boring!  Eric Bagai reports on the growing phenomenon that is the Portland Festival, and Scott Schaeffer recalls fun in the Midwest.


38  Famous Nameplate Has Seen It All

Brian Dube' remembers when you had to wait six weeks to receive an order of clubs.  So he decided to do something about it, and became on of the foremost names among prop manufacturers worldwide.  Scott Malone profiles the quintessential Brian.



5 Review

6 Notes

9 Affiliates Report

9 Festival Calendar

14 T.I. Cheek

42 Workshop

47 Flashback


On The Cover:  Clockwork (l-r) Jack Kalvan and Rick Rubenstein (Eric Mosvold photo)

On The Cover:  Clockwork (l-r) Jack Kalvan and Rick Rubenstein (Eric Mosvold photo)

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